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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    Please keep Blizzard's clumsy and retconning hands away the !@#$ from Classic.
    Because vanilla had such a great and consistant story.

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    Alternate universe.

    Warcraft is already an established multiverse..

    But it's not like you need a reason. The lore exists to serve the game. You think if Blizzard wants to add new content the lore of all things will stop them lol?

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    What was happening in Northrend during The Burning Crusade?

    What was happening on Outland during Wrath of the Lich King?

    Hell, what was happening in Kalimdor during those expansions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shuubu View Post
    Because vanilla had such a great and consistant story.
    It had its flaws, sure, but it was certainly better than whatever Blizz is peddling these days. Unless you are of the nO CiNEmAtICz = bAD stOrY crowd.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aeula View Post
    Thrall will humblebrag about how he doesn't want it [to be Warchief].
    Saurfang'll probably die or say he's 'too tired'.
    Baine will gasp for air as he plops Anduin's boot out of his mouth and say 'I'll be High King of the Horde!'.

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    If they wanted to do that and make a good lore, they should allready have changed classic. And no they won't add new content. The few people who won't get bored of the game are the wow classic purists who accept to pay for it. And they will make a loud ruckus even if they don't play the game anymore.

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    It's funny, because while personally going the Classic+ approach and (looong term) adding more content and raids while maintaining that Classic philosophy of design would be the only thing that would actually make it feel worth my while to actually invest any real time into these servers.... the no-changes, permanent measuem campaign is so strong I'm almost certain it will never happen.

    I've zero interest in replaying the dungeon and raid content I did 15 years ago, and I'll have even less interest in redoing TBC and WotLK when those servers come around. New content with old school feel, though? Sign me up.

    But it won't happen

    If they did, though, I'd like to see them just expand the world and number of zones with new stuff. Lore isn't important, not like Vanilla had a whole lot of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeBogina View Post
    That would defeat the whole purpose of Classic...

    Also leave the retconning for Warcraft 4... that's the one we have to pray starts off right after Frozen Throne and pretends WoW never happened.
    Bro, you do realize that Warcraft lore has been getting the retcon hammer since the moment WC2 came out, right? Acting like it began with WoW and using it as ammo to attack WoW is simply ignorance. The eredar, the draenei, Garona, Heaven/Hell, demons, Kil'jaeden. All of that was retconned to be completely unrecognizable from how it was in WC1 through WC3.

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    It wont happend. at MOST they will add TBC. Adding new content would be pointless twofold.
    First of all it would Split the "new" content adding to retail. and, people dont WANT new content, they want the old content...

    You cant have a vegetatian meal, but please no salat or green, but instedt with a 1.5 Pounds steak with Potatos, sauce, and a sidedich of beacon. Then it aint a fracking vegatian meal.. IF you make new content for Classic, THEN it sure aint classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thesmall001 View Post
    I actually quite like the idea of Classic: Director's Cut.

    Keep the Dark Portal closed. Finish the zones that never got finished in the scope of Vanilla: Hyjal, Gilneas, Tel Abim, Northeron, Caverns of Time, Grim Batol, Zandalar (if we're feeling ballsy). Tidy up some of the unfinished storylines from Classic: Hydraxion Waterlords, Dire Maul stuff, Bael Modan, Felwood/Winterspring corruption. Then add a few instances: The Emerald Dream raid, the Azshara one, Dragon Isles.

    Basically, don't progress the story past Classic but build more of that world knowing what we know eventually happens. Just filled in the blanks.

    Of course this does defeat the very point of Classic. But it is a fun game to speculate on and it'd be an interesting artistic challenge to make new content that looks like old content.

    This. Exactly this.

    They have tons of room to continue our Pre-60 and level cap stories. Tell the story of what we would do if we did not go to outland right away. Or perhaps the lesser known stories of what happened on azeroth while we were in outland or up in northrend.

    Of course that doesn't match the general purpose of classic but I am sure there will be a day that people are done with classics content and that day is probably a long long time from now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    It had its flaws, sure, but it was certainly better than whatever Blizz is peddling these days. Unless you are of the nO CiNEmAtICz = bAD stOrY crowd.
    I'm one of the "no coherent story at all = bad story" crowd. Vanilla didn't really have a story.

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    I see you took some inspiration from the Transformer reboot with the Bumblebee movie(was a good enough movie to start a new universe). I actually think that might happend if Classic becomes more popular than retail, I am sure inside of Blizzard they truly regret to kill Arthas so early without any kind of door for him to come back or making Kael, Vashj and Illidan bosses in BC where they could milk a bit more this characers(warchief Kael or new naga queen Vashj) but that itself is a big stretch to happend so I won't hold big hopes for that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Varitok View Post
    No, she is my waifu. Stop posting and delete this thread immediately.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ophenia View Post
    Voted Baine because... Well, Baine. Total nonsensical character, looks like World War II Italy, nobody really understands what role he's supposed to fill, not even himself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xanadrienne View Post
    Quite aside from the silliness of this whole idea -- an idea which makes AU Draenor look positively sensible and logical -- if there had been no Burning Legion, the Scourge would never have existed. The Scourge was created by the Legion.

    But as I say, this whole idea is just plain silly. And that's putting it mildly.
    The Scourge would have, chronologically, been already created in the Classic Wow's universe by the time we defeated the Burning Legion in the MU.

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    How about players get to check out what's going on Quel'thalas, Gilneas, and the island where the Exodar crashed at the time of Classic. Could also be some sort of a prototype on how to integrate the BC regions into the main server.

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    Its Easy, they will claim that TBC and onwards is another timeline created by the Infinite after our characters crossed The Dark Portal and Classic is the real deal.

    Then Evolve the Lore from there by adding only new zones and lore in OSRS and ESO style by keeping 60 as the max lvl
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