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    [A] Adept Frostmane-EU 9/9M

    Adept’s Red Squad is a team of experienced raiders that raid 20 man Mythic, 2 nights/week. Our hours might be casual, but our attitude isn’t. We are hardcore raiders who can’t commit to the traditional 4-5 nights but who still want to achieve good progression with like-minded people.

    Our Goals

    Full mythic clear of all raid content while it is considered “current”.
    Completion of any meta achievements associated with the raid content for the whole team.
    A strong drive to improve progress and rankings of the guild on the server through development and recruiting.

    Loot is distributed based on who it's the biggest upgrade for (we use the RCLootCouncil addon to make this easier).

    Raid Times

    Wednesday 19:30 – 23:30 Server Time
    Sunday 19:30 – 23:30 Server Time

    We have two raid teams, this recruitment ad is for the Red Squadron team, which raids mythic twice a week.
    The other raid team, Viper Squad, raids heroic twice a week.

    How to apply
    We accept applications through our Discord server: https://discord.gg/bfqxzFs
    Applications via our website at http://adepteu.com/apply/

    Currently recruiting (17/05/2019):

    More info contact me on Adam#2713 (Battle.net) or Alyssar#0519 (Discord)
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    Raid time changed, recruitment info updated.

    We are now 8/9M too, and a few % off 9/9M

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    Updated: now at 9/9M and 2/2 HC

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