Past It are a brand new guild focusing on PVE content with a mature player base. I know it looks like a long post so get your glasses on and absorb;

The Aim
To bring back the ‘community’ feel in WoW. A lot of guilds promise this and don’t deliver. However, I have a longstanding history in my previous guild of creating exactly this and I intend to do it again. The group finder tool is a mess, you can’t get in a +5 without 3k RIO score, why on earth you’d need Jaina curve for normal CoS I’ll never know, people can’t give you a ‘hello’ in a random dungeon and don’t get me started on LFR….

I want to bring together the elder generation under one roof. I want to unite the disgruntled middle aged players, and kill some baddies. We will make new friends, we will have an active guild chat and discord and breathe a bit of life back into WoW for everyone.

In recent times, I’ve found that you have to make a choice between the social aspect of WoW, or mythic raiding. You can’t have both. That’s what “Past It” is all about, we aim to combine the two without feeling like you should be getting a payslip and a PAYE bill after each raid.

The Content
We will run M+ as much as possible just for fun. We will run +15 keys whilst under the influence of caffeine, juggling a small child, a cat and an Aldi Slim Well ready meal (because we’re trying, right? Not our fault Chinese food tastes so good) and we will laugh when we wipe relentlessly and running over the timer by an hour or two.
We will effortlessly glide through normal raid content, then effortlessly glide through heroic content, then we will say ‘bugger it, lets see how far we get in mythic content’ even though we really are too old and ‘Past It’ to be concentrating so intently on a game when you’ve got a homework project to help design, because your kids has to be better than the others and you have to be up at 6 in the morning with a fresh mind because your boss is back in the office pestering you.

You may have thought to yourself (as I have) “I really don’t have the patience for mythic raiding any more” – But if the pressure is off, why not? Curve will be our main focus, but why not try to go further and still keep the atmosphere up? If a wall is hit, we will decide this as a community not to carry on and we will be happy with the progress we have made.

The Person
If you are 25+ preferably older, work hard, put your real life and family first and use WoW as an escape from reality, then I want to speak to you. If you can commit to 3 hours on a Thursday and a Sunday (8pm Server time) and will remain relatively active throughout the rest of the week, get involved with guild chat, sneakmode post while at work on Discord and make friends with us, then you’re the type of person I want to join the team.

What I’m not looking for, is someone who only logs on for raids. I want to bring the active players from dead guilds/realms together to achieve a common goal, not to bring phantoms who float into the raid team, top the dps meters then log off. We are not looking for log watchers, Pessimist Pete’s or Know-It-All Nora’s, we want people that will get involved and get to know each other.

The Realm
We are based on Argent Dawn, Alliance. You may be thinking ‘Pft a Roleplaying realm?’ however I assure you it’s not as bad as you think. The realm population is very good, the RP community in general are a much less toxic player base (or so I’ve personally found) and the chat channels are either using trade correctly, or actively discussing genuinely interesting topics. What do you get in trade chat on your realm? WTS BOOST… Yeah, thought so. If you want to see the RP, you have to go looking for it mostly.

Even though we are not an RP guild, I implore any prospective members to respect the fact that you are on an RP realm, and disrupting RP is not acceptable and if you want to get involved in RP, then we will actively encourage that, although no RP events will be set up by the guild.

If you’re unsettled and not yet found the right guild, then give us a try. There will be no formal application process, just a quick introduction and see if we have some common ground. If you’ve read this far and can relate, then I have no doubt we will get along. If you’d like to join our discord before having ‘Disproportionate WoW Transfer Fees’ cited in your divorce papers, you’re more than welcome to.

Please add my wife on battle net, we’re looking forward to meeting you:

Battle net: Naggypants#21926
Discord: Veludia#0216