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    OP are you going to tend your thread?

    Probably not.


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    Quote Originally Posted by voidillusion View Post
    Even if those addons/tools surface when it goes live, they wont do more than talking to a innkeeper does unless blizz themselves implement something new, wich i doubt. They'll never be more than glorified match making tools that will still require you to move your ass to the group and have a minimum of effort and comunication towards your goal.
    Which is exactly how you form M+ groups now.

    The addons won't be established when Classic goes live. You need to have enough people to engage with end-game content for that. So give it some months.
    The question is not "if there will be addons" but "will there be enough players to use addons".
    If you want a healthy population and not just a few guilds worth of players then you need to settle for such things too. This is how Gearscore came to be too.

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    quest helper wal probably the first addon I installed back then... then they incorporated it into the game in WotLK

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    Quote Originally Posted by joggerwearerlol View Post
    I will fail at life
    I agree with your post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xofa View Post
    .. who the FUCK cares about mitch jones that fucking emo kid?!?! Jesus fucking christ man !
    I guess the same people who care Asmongold or Soda? They're all the same basically.
    All I ever wanted was the truth. Remember those words as you read the ones that follow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joggerwearerlol View Post
    streamers like mitchjones already using questing addons and LFG addons
    omg ermegerd
    classic will fail
    Quest helper type addons came later on in Vanilla anyway, so w/e.

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    I'll be using Coordinates Addon and Thotbot, as i did back there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maudib View Post
    While it's usually said as a slam... I truly have nver heard of mitchjones. But Ill check him out thank!

    I don't see questing addons hurting WoW... they were there back in the vanilla. The "raiderIO, LFG, etc" addons that are supposedly under development... will likely not catch on. Why? The type of people who want them, don't have time to play Classic. You cant speed up Classic fast enough with addons to play 2 hours a week and make any progression.

    There may be a small segment that use them... but most of us will simply ignore them and make friends and play just like we did.
    You say that But I bet it takes off if Blizzard allows it and there will be a ton of posts here about why classic raider io is for classic.

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    I'm starting to wonder just what people think a LFG addon is capable of.

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    OP is right though, all players really liked about classic was the journey. You too? Yes, you too. The mistake the community made is asking for the exact same game, instead of asking for a new region with the old system.

    Blizz is no different from the real world. People go on a 3 week holiday "to travel" and then work for the rest of the year while complaining about their jobs.

    *Shrug* your loss.

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    It's just a matchmaking addon like oQueue was, years before Blizzard implemented the Group Finder or Cross realm grouping in general.

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    I smell Poe's Law in action. I guess Friday's an alright day to fish...
    Be seeing you guys on Bloodsail Buccaneers NA!

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    wait, can we use LFG addons in classic LOL?! well this game just got a lot better haha

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    Yeah because the addons atlas, and quest helper werent a thing back then either xD small increments of convenience doesnt kill a game, its when you cater to it and give in when kids ask for more candy after already receiving a handful.

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    "WoW is dying" threads are not allowed on the site, much less for a version of the game that has yet to launch.

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