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    Mark of N'Zoth has disappeared on it's own

    I logged on this morning, and started hearing continual whispers I thought it was a bug so I logged off and back on again and the mark and well as the eye on my character forehead has vanished.

    For anyone else who kept the gift, is this a bug or was this supposed to happen? Has this happened to anyone else?

    EDIT: Okay just found out it was a bug. If you have the quest His Eye Upon You, just abandon it and re-accept it again, the eye should reappear on your character .
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    I started hearing the whispers yesterday too and kept hearing them today when I logged in. My 'gift' hasn't vanished so far, so... maybe it's a bug? If anything changes I'll report back. There was a small article about it yesterday on Wowhead, the gift seems to have been behaving a little buggy or strangely yesterday for several people.

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