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    I don't want them to ban people, but simply rollback accounts who use these types of services. Lets say someone buys a boost and it's obvious. Blizzard simply rolls that character back to level 1 or w/e level it was at before the services were used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stricks View Post
    Spoken like a player in 2019 though, TBH. Leveling when classic was fresh was meant to be a huge part of the game. I was sure that was obvious.
    Quote Originally Posted by jackofwind View Post
    I'd wait until prices came down to around $200 if I was going to use a service like that. I wouldn't want to risk it on my main WoW account though.

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    I mean Vanilla WoW really is largely about the leveling experience though.
    Nah, we rushed through it. Game starts at 60.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoKPaNda View Post
    Nah, we rushed through it. Game starts at 60.
    The game may have sttarted there for you but the truth remains that the game was designed largely with the leveling experience as a major part of the content.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Because fuck you, that's why.

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    Not interested, never. Not that I did not do (sell) such service from time to time myself 15 years ago...

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    Leveling is the biggest thing I miss about wow, so of course I wouldn't do it. It's a waste of good money. I play wow to kill time, why would I pay someone to kill time for me??

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    This seems pretty weird and counter productive for classic which unlike the expansions was definitely about the journey and not the endgame. It's the game with the least amount of things to do at max level and where the leveling process was the most drawn out, unlike expansions when the leveling was sort of a "lets get this done so we can enjoy the real content", so buying a boost just seems really weird to me.

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    I used to 5 box in vanilla, I had a night job where i could play all night, I'd level toons for my friends, GF etc. So 2500 eur seems pretty fucking awesome. Once you have the leveling routes back you can do this very quickly. so 500/toon seems too much

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    We don't allow discussions about violating the game's Terms of Service or EULA.

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