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    43 38.74%
  • GoT S8 is worse

    68 61.26%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyco View Post
    What an edgy thread, i recommend gettin a hobby tbh.
    Seems like for some people jumping from one hated thing to another is a hobby. I think it's part of outrage "culture".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zantera View Post
    Where's the option for classic?
    White Knights a month ago "Vanilla WoW and retail WoW are still the same because it's WOW"

    Nowadays "Classic and retail are nothing alike, classic sucks"

    RIP BFA! 8/27.

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    This thread is easily worse than those two options

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    As much as I dislike BfA, GoT S8 was shit.

    Previous seasons were decent. Last season had worst scripting I've ever seen in that show. Story made so little sense, it was cringe all the time. So many plot holes, so many "heroes" surviving against odds multiple times, it reminded of superheroes movie plot for children.
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    Where is the vote for the person that created this thread?

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    Season 8 at least looked stellar (at least the episodes where you could see shit). And while WoW looks neat, zones like Nazjatar or Mechagon look pretty whatever.
    Content-wise both are equally garbage though. Thus, overall, season 8 > WoW.

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    Classic loyalists: *Makes BfA/retail bash thread*

    Retail player: *Bashes classic*

    Classic loyalist: *Surprised pikachu face*

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImTheMizAwesome View Post
    Where is the vote for the person that created this thread?
    In not pressing the "Submit" button. You know, if the subject at hand doesn't interest you or you think it's silly, you can simply not post, instead of bumping the thread

    More on topic, GoT, while being no Chaucer, had considerably higher writing standards than WoW. Which in turn makes the fall much steeper.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aeula View Post
    Thrall will humblebrag about how he doesn't want it [to be Warchief].
    Saurfang'll probably die or say he's 'too tired'.
    Baine will gasp for air as he plops Anduin's boot out of his mouth and say 'I'll be High King of the Horde!'.

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    Why do people turn this into a retail vs Classic thread? There's nothing in the OP that suggests that he wants this thread to be just that, Classic is simply not mentioned because its not as story heavy as BFA. And both BFA and GoT have been getting A LOT of flank for their writing, so it only seems like a good fight between the 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toffmcsoft View Post
    My vote goes to retail wow being worse.
    my vote goes to all the garbage posts on the forums.

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    The story in wow was never that great to begin with, so considering how far GoT has fallen it easily takes this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crakerjack View Post
    So let me get this right. You're annoyed with Jon Snow because he tried staying true to his word/oath? The same guy who was raised by Ned Stark who cared for nothing more than honor and staying true to your word. Since when have we seen Jon break his word/oath? "OUT OF CHARACTER, JON HAS NEVER BEEN SUCH A CUCK BEFORE!" And before you go off about how he had sex while in the nights watch, they joke about that by saying they'd have no one to defend the wall if they executed every man who went off to the nearest tavern and bed a woman.

    I just find it funny that people try to act like Jon trying to stay true to his word is lazy writing. The dude embodies Ned Stark.
    It's mostly just poking fun at his lines this season, wich can all be summed up with "I dun want it" and "you're my queen".

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    Retail WoW is worse. GoT season 8 has a lot of shining moments, it just doesn't mesh together well. BFA is shit all around.

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    Wow was never as good as pre S7 got/asoiaf, so S8 was a way bigger waste than BFA is.

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    Honestly, when I was watching season 8 I thought "wow, I've been taking bfa's story for granted." Sylvanas's character is way better than Daenerys (in season 8), even though I hate her.

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    Blizzard Entertainment, D.B weiss and Dave Benioff created something phenomenal than after awhile they just didn't give a shit anymore. And what happens when they run out of ideas and rush game/tv series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allegrian View Post
    Wow was never as good as pre S7 got/asoiaf, so S8 was a way bigger waste than BFA is.
    GoT went to shit in Season 5 and 6!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Villentretenmerth View Post
    GoT went to shit in Season 5 and 6!
    The last 2 S6 episodes kind of saved the whole S5 and S6 for me.

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    got season 8 was so shit, but retaill wow is even more shit

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    Season 1 = Vanilla WoW, what started it all
    Season 2 = Burning Crusade, taking the original and improving it
    Season 3 = Wrath, the best one
    Season 4 = Cataclysm, the last one using the original material/design philosophies
    Season 5 = MoP, a radical departure in direction with storylines no one cared about
    Season 6 = WoD, largely terrible with a couple bright spots
    Season 7 = Legion, returning hope to the series
    Season 8 = BFA, the worst one

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