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    Dungeon Key Guide

    Found a great guide:

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    TY for the post! It's a slow day today, will give me something to watch. I have gone through nearly every other classic vid already
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    Thank you for this, I completely forgot about keys n dungeons.

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    I'd so like to make myself one of the servers 'Key Holder's come release. That's going to be one of my first major goals once I hit 60.

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    I was pretty OCD, all my toons had every key.

    Zul'Furrak Mallet
    Maraudon skip (Sceptre of Celebras)
    Scholomance Key
    Back entrance of Stratholme key (Magistrate's Key?)
    Shadowforge Key (BRD)
    UBRS ring from LBRS, probably the most time consuming to get in pugs
    ...and was there a gnomeregan key?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewshine View Post
    Thank you for this, I completely forgot about keys n dungeons.
    I forgot how many needed keys. So this is a helpful refresher!
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