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With advert/spam, they seriously need to consider getting some more mods for cleanup duty. Every week the bots come and spam General with their black magic shit and nobody is online to clear it.

Just make a janitor rank that allow people to put obvious threads into a temporary mod only forum which is then looked at when more senior mods come along.
If the thread is obviously not spam, then the janitor gets his mod status removed (after a consultation). Also allow them to place (at least temporary) posting bans on the same people who create the threads.

Those who prove to be reliable can just remove threads and ban directly.
Considering this is a "problem" that exists only on forums where people cant be bothered to take the easy steps to prevent it, lets just agree that it should not be happening in the firs place. And that the cheap asswipes who run this forum know that and just cant be bothered to take the steps to fix it