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    Looking for pro/semi-pro team grandmaster player

    Hello, I'm a 17 year old player from Italy and I'm looking for a pro/semi pro team to join(academy or trials I'm open to pretty much anything)
    I've been playing the game for 7 years+ and I'm currently grandmaster on EUW.

    I have played the game at a high level for a while and I think I understand very well what it takes to win and succeed.
    Played on a few high ranked flex teams but nothing at a pro level. I'm determined to prove myself and can put in many hours in order to give it my all.

    Been lol boosting for the past 2 years on the eloboostleague.com and it gave me an unique perspective on the game where I can identify easily the winning condition and play always around it.
    Search for my forum name on op.gg since I apparently can't post links.

    Thank you

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    I hope you find a pro org to at least trial for I saw some of your games and damn your Nocturne is clean. Maybe you can turn to coaching too there are plenty of sites out there who would like to hire someone like you or even can put yourself out there on sites like fiverr, I think your lol boosting background can be very helpful for players trying to climb but not realizing your mistakes,if you want to have a chat hit me up Im a someone who got coached before in league of legends and i know how good coaches operate.

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