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    First of all, I’ll tell you about the principles of the game itself, which would be more understandable for those who do not know about it or are not familiar with the games of the MOBA genre. And so, the League of Legends is an online multiplayer game where players play a character called a champion in the game and compete in a team with their allies or friends against a team of opponents. Over 120 different Champions of any choice are available in the game. Players meet face to face on the “lanes” and raise their Champion’s levels by eliminating the opponents of the opposing team, as well as killing the Minions that appear from the bases and attack the towers and champions of the opposing team. The player receives gold during the game by simply doing nothing, but receives much more if he kills minions, champions of opponents, towers guarding the lanes, and neutral monsters who are in the "forest".

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    That is useful thank you

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