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    <Fusion> [NA - EST] [Alliance PvP] 15/15 Naxxramas Experienced Core - LFM

    <Fusion> | Incendius NA-PvP EST | [Alliance] | Tues/Wed | 2000—0000 EST | Hardcore | Loot Council

    <Fusion> is looking for mature, talented, and experienced players for WoW Classic and beyond (TBC / WotLK). Our core is 15/15 Naxxramas experienced, spanning multiple servers and factions, including retail Naxx. Fusion crushes all content, has top ranked clear times (28 Min MC / 35 Min BWL), has multiple world boss kills, and an active PvP community. We are seeking like minded, mature, reliable talent for our team.

    Current Classic Progression
    - 35 Min BWL / 28 Min MC Speed Clears - Top ranking speed clears.
    - Four full 40 man raids, All 4 raids 8/8 BWL first week and clearing in under 1 hour.
    - 1 Alt / Casual Raid - 8/8 BWL.

    Raid Schedules:

    Raid X - Tues/Thurs | 2000-0000 EST - 8-12 PM EST

    Raid Y - Wed/Mon | 2000-0000 EST - 8-12 PM EST

    Raid Z - Thurs/Sun | 2100-0100 EST - 9PM-1AM EST

    Raid M - Tues/Mon | 2000-0000 EST - 8-12 PM EST

    Loot Distribution: Loot Council - Primary Factors for loot decisions will be Performance, Attendance, Size of upgrade, Time since last upgrade, BiS for class.

    Expectations for Members:
    - Maintain a professional, mature, positive attitude as well as a team first mentality.
    - Perform at a very high level, min/max, and know how to survive, both PvE and PvP.
    - Do not slack, come to raids highly motivated and give 110% on both bosses and trash, everything.
    - Maintain 90% + attendance, be on time, and extremely well prepared for raids (consumes / world buffs required).
    - Strive to improve each week, own and learn from your mistakes, seek help and guidance from other members.
    - Communicate with your officers frequently. Criticism, praise, and ideas are welcome.

    Class Availability:

    Priest: High
    Warlock: High
    Warrior: High
    Druid: Resto / Feral - High
    Paladin: Medium
    Rogue: Medium
    Mage: Medium
    Hunter: Low

    Guild Discord: https://Discord.gg/Fusion

    Recruitment Application: https://forms.gle/utcLV1zfpmKgzwH39


    Raid Lead Stream: https://youtube.com/BaronCstrikeGaming

    -Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you. -Baron
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    sent you guys an application

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    Bump, looking for hard chargers for Classic!

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    When can we talk on discord? I was running low on time this last few days. We are a heal priest/druid, a warlock and a pally

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    Yes, hit me up in discord.

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    Bump, Looking for mature, talented, highly motivated raiders.

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    Still looking for those 1%'ers

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    Update, Fusion is now on Incendius server, RiP Stalagg, you will be missed.

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    Bump, Some core spots available for Priest / Feral / Warlocks, also have positions available for some high caliber melee.

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