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    This thread is confusing me so much... i need assistance...

    I see ppl linking videos of 63 tanks during tbc in SM, then mages aoeing for like 800 dmg per blizz tick, and you guys really think these examples help to prove exactly what?
    this, like most threads here, are a nonsensical mish-mash of feelings, facts, misremembering things, and opinions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Factsbeforefeelings View Post
    By me, right here; right now.

    Complaining about Rethilgore’s damage in SFK. Getting hit for around 22:

    Level 24 Warrior in 2006, getting hit for around 18:

    I've done the same fact checking for other bosses and mobs, there is no disparity in the damage values between Classic and 2006 Vanilla WoW.
    Cool, fair enough then. Thanks for the videos.

    Quote Originally Posted by urasim View Post
    I tanked Gehennas, for a short period, when the main tank died at the start of the fight, as a resto shaman. Threw on rockbiter and spammed earth shock till the main tank got OOC resurrected. Didn't die either. Didn't bother trying anything harder. I knew I didn't have the survivability.

    ROFL! I love your name.

    @Segus1992 Time to quit your whining.
    No need to be rude.

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    Hit chance is effected by level, not the actual damage taken. The only thing that effects damage taken is specific spells such as stoneskin totem and the percent based damage reduction of your armor. Considering he appears to be level 63 this means he is going to be in leveling gear, so probably around 50% reduction.

    They hit for around an average of 21 damage on our plate wearing 63, if I am correct with the estimation of 50% damage reduction that puts them at a base damage of 42. (21/0.5=42) And for our bear friend, he is being hit for around an average of 35 assuming he has about 20% reduction with his leather gear outside of bear form that puts him at an estimated base damage of 43.75 (35/0.8=43.75)

    The numbers are right, in fact, if anything, Classic's numbers are titled harder by a degree or two, considering he is measuring a casters melee damage in Graveyard vs melee from Cath/armory. You can even see as he starts the SM segment he is hit for 52 by the proper melee mob while he is still in bear form.
    Armor doesn't work like that, it reduces damage by different amounts depending on the level of the attacker, meaning 1500 armor at level 30 or 60 has the same effect if the attacker is level 30. Druids in Bear Form don't have that low armor even in full cloth gear. Are you seriously insinuating that a naked character (0 armor) should be able to take (what's base health at 30, 500?) ~11 hits from an elite before dying? Why would we need tanks?
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    You just won't stop trying to prove yourself eh?

    It's hilarious...
    Quote Originally Posted by Castration View Post
    Segus1992 should change his name to BSbeforeFacts
    Quote Originally Posted by Castration View Post
    there's always one person like you... keeps it entertaining... thinking they know their stuff and that people admire their knowledge, but in fact... we're all laughing at you.
    You've got a bit of an obsession with me there dude, I thought that was illegal in India.
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    Quote Originally Posted by voidillusion View Post
    This thread is confusing me so much... i need assistance...

    I see ppl linking videos of 63 tanks during tbc in SM, then mages aoeing for like 800 dmg per blizz tick, and you guys really think these examples help to prove exactly what?
    Damage from mobs were fairly static. If you fought a level 60 as a level 46, you'd die faster only because the static value was higher. That and higher level mobs had the ability to crushing blow. Think the mob had to be 3 or 4 levels higher for them to do that, though. Armor matters, but not as much as people remember.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gilrak View Post
    liberalism is a right wing idealogy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldfingaz View Post


    Herod hits Asmond for like 212-222 roughly (I'm not analyzing the entire thing) with all sorts of consumables
    Herod hits This Druid 180-200

    However, Herod's Cleave is doing 190ish damage to Asmond, where it's doing 250ish to the druid?

    Cleave should be doing 110% damage, why is it doing less damage on Asmong than regular melee hits? Also note the new client has this hitting showing purple numbers where original was still just red.

    I'm at work and can't focus on this entirely, so if someone wants to rip this apart feel free, I don't mind being wrong.
    asmon is getting hit by crushing blow every hit(150% damage) and lvl 60 leather should not have that much less armor than full lvl 30 mail, probably the same

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    But muh feels! Blizzer y u hurt muh feels that say Ur wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anon5123 View Post
    Yes, Blizzard literally said that elite mob damage is exactly what it should be according to their 1.12 client.
    Do you have any source? Because this is obviously false. Blizzard did not test every single mob in the game. I saw forum message where they compared one boss and verified its damage. But that's about it. It's pretty possible that there might be some bugs affecting other elites. Don't disregard such reports from experienced vanilla veterans just because you don't like it. It's not easy to find proofs, when Blizzard does not provide access to their internal test server for unclear reason.

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    This has become a pointless argument. Closing.
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