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    How to tame a pet for Hunter ?


    There is question,I have a pet named Ashtail.

    But I do not know how to tame it,need help here ^&^

    Is there has trainer in game,where please ?

    Send message to me,thank you in advance.

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    If you have the pet already named ... you have already tamed it.
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    Judging from wowhead comments (https://www.wowhead.com/npc=45380/ashtail) hes a rare mob which can be tamed normally by hunters - the problem being (by sole comment from 8.0.1) its rarer then it used to be (used to be around 70-90 min respawn). So just go ahead on your hunter camp the spot and tame him (use tame beast, be sure you dismiss your previous pet and have a pet slot empty)

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    Bots don't need help.
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    Use the spell called "Tame Beast". When it finishes casting you have tamed that beast. Right Click on it and you can change the name

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    "Can i has pet training"

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    Ok,thank you so much,I will try to do.

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    You must let it kill you. After that it will tame you and then a button will pop up and you will be able to tame it from the twisting nether. Well I think that's how it works, I'm just a Pally.

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    Ok,thank you so much,I will try to do.
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