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    Post EU Amish challenge

    Hey guys!

    Me and a few friends are doing the Amish challenge! Some of us are streaming it too!

    Fancy having a go with, come along to Scarshield Legion, as undead ONLY. The guild name is Ephrata!

    We are currently using Evee90 (Twitch name) Discord for the challenge, if you come onto the server, and jon the guild, we will send you the link!

    The rules are :

    [Ephrata] EU Scarshield Legion - The Undead Amish Community
    The Rules:

    If you die, delete your character
    All gear must be crafted. This means you cannot wear any gear from quests or loot. There is crafters already who can send you gear!
    You must only rely on each other for professions and gathering
    The only non-crafted weapons that can be used must be dropped by bosses or low level quests up to level 15
    You can not use LFG, you have to run to dungeons (if in a family party) LGF can be used if you are playing solo and no one is online, perma death still applies, use at your own risk :slight_smile:
    When you die, release and res, send all your stuff to the family. The family keep everything, everything is for the good of the family.
    Come along and have a bit of fun! Theres a death scoreboard too and lots of banter!

    (Some rules aren’t written down, it hasn’t been updated. We can advise as we go along!)

    Its honestly a lot of fun! Its all about banter, and its just a bit of fun :slight_smile:
    We help with groups, and doing dungeons!
    We nearly have enough for the Guild Bank!

    People to message for invites or questions!

    Leví (the ‘i’ is accented Shift+CTRL 'I)
    Elnathan (My new character ROFL)
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