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    I mean this is how it was back then though. Hes saying these things as if this wasnt how the game was played in 2005. This is why people who only ever knew it from private servers are getting flamed constantly.

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    I remember this addon Don't think it dates back to vanilla tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willemh View Post
    I remember this addon Don't think it dates back to vanilla tho.
    it might, 100% i remember sitting in Shatt with it though so it was around early BC atleast.

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    Idk how blizzard intend to fight win trading, but i'm pretty sure they will find a technical solution because they don't want to spend money on gm to fight it like in vanilla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kralljin View Post
    The issue is like established in the first sentence(s): It's not about skill, it's grinding honor efficiently.

    This is the fundamental goal of the Vanilla PvP system, thus "queue dodging" is simply another method to grind efficiently.
    Want skill based PvP? Gotta ask for Arena, but that's not Vanilla, right?

    Sorry, you want the Vanilla Honor system, you get it.
    Seriously, this guy literally says "it turns getting Rank 14 into a mindless grind without any challenge".
    Plenty of dodging happens in arenas and rbgs too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spdr View Post
    Plenty of dodging happens in arenas and rbgs too.
    True that, but it doesn't come at the expense of a literal pug group.
    Like, you still get an opponent that is on average on your level, whereas in Vanilla, you specifically target pug groups in order to farm them.

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    Or, the so called "Good Group A" could let the dodgers dodge and ignore that, and just keep farming honor the way they already were.

    That said, I have no qualms against a debuff for dodging.

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    Guys you cant dodge. Its fine the way it is. This video is outdated.

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    I like the made up drama of GAME BREAKING EXPLOIT! to get some juicy clicks.

    This is how Classic was. Game didnt break 15 years ago

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    just hoping I can queue as a premade and get quick pops

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