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    Auto squelch?

    Can we please make this an option? Rather than play ranked just to do a quest, I decided to do the casual play and used the hunter standard deck, which is beyond awful but I didn't care to actually throw a deck together. I play against 3 people using actual meta decks in casual. All 3 proceeded to spam emote. I literally do not understand if the age range for this game is like 5 years to 10 or something, but my god, it's actually disgusting trying to play games and have them last forever because its just an emotefest. It's happened practically every game in standard and in arena, I thought there was no chance this would happen in casual, but the spergs did not disappoint. Get rid of the emotes from the game, no one enjoys it except 6 year old kids who see popular streamers get spam emoted and think they are edgy by doing so in every single game they play.

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    The hunter standard deck is pretty good tbh.
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    I would like an auto squelch option as well. I find many of the emotes very annoying especially when I'm losing lol, but I think quite a few people just don't mind or fine them humorous.

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    Without the squelch option I'd probably rage myself to a stroke so I'd prefer auto squelch as well.

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    Find the funny in the emotes. Majority of the time it's random luck that caused the other person to win, not actual skill. So when they spam emote they look very egotistical because it wasn't actually them that won it.
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    But I like telling people I am going to push random buttons as Dr. Boom you have to listen before you die!
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    - let's get real everyone, classic needs #somechanges get over it.

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    People have asked for it since release so it would probably never happen. I think a few years back blizzard replyed something about that they dont want it implemented because they want some kind of interaction. abit silly but thats how it is... i just ignore it today.

    i feel like people only use it for there own advanted... meaning they like saying greeting at the start of the match but if they lose they wont say well played.. only if they win.

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