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    Could use some advice for a new mage playing Fire in M+!

    As the title says. I am not here to hear about how 'bad' mages are, I am here to get advice on how to handle doing AoE on a fire mage in 5 man dungeons in general. I'm playing with Wildfire traits (very fresh, 382), and usually play flame patch cause I play with a tank friend. Fire 1000000000% clicks with me on single target, but the minute we get 3+ or mass pull I am finding I am probably playing poorly. I'll use double fire blast just to get that flame patch down early, then use all my streaks on flamestrike until I get a pyroclasm proc or there is 2 targets. Also I do scorch snipe low targets to get more streaks going. I am not playing rune of power (simply cause like I said, very fresh to mage and still learning the full ins and outs of it).

    So the first real question is, well is there a better way to approach the AoE?
    Second is, should I use combustion on packs of 5+ instead of saving it for a boss?

    I really enjoy all the specs, but really really am enjoying fire and want to get a bit better at executing the AoE part of it.

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    Best azerite trait for M+ = Fire blasterx3/WFx2
    Best stats Mastery/Haste

    Best talents:
    Boss oriented: RoP/mirror images =>FlameOn => LivingBomb => Meteor
    Add oritented highkeys: RoP => AF => LivingBomb => meteor
    Low keys: Flamepatch instead of LB because adds doesn't move that much so the dot can have full effect.

    Gameplay is simple Always use Combustion when the timing allows you to use it on the Boss preferably when reaping. On mobs always use Livingbomb(refresh!) and meteor with RoP

    And as an answer to your question about FireMage viability in MM+ => IT F**** SUCKS in overall situations, fire mage mechanics with ignite and execute doesn't fit at all with mm+, fire is just fun to play thats all.

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