Greetings adventurers!
Thrall's Chosen are recruiting loyal members of the Horde into our elite fighting force!
We will be completing all raid content as it becomes available in an efficient but friendly manner.
We will also be regularly raiding deep into alliance territory to collect gnome heads for the War Hall display.

- Realm : Oceanic
- Realm Type: PVP
- Faction: HORDE
- Guild Type: Semi-hardcore, pvp
- Loot Rules: EPGP for 40 man content. 5,10,20 man content will be less formal.
- We have many RP minded players, though we won't be on a RP server we will likely have RP
events and like to keep a Horde atmosphere.

Raiding times:
- 8pm start (GMT+10), 3 days per week for official guild raids
- More raiding will be done obligation free on other days, often teaming up with another
friendly guild.

- While experience is valued, it is not necessary, newbies are welcome. You will find our
veterans are very willing to help new players who show some spirit
- We are currently recruiting all classes from players who can demonstrate an understanding of
how to play their class well or a desire to learn

If you would like to begin your classic wow adventure in good company simply respond to this post with a bit about yourself