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Thread: Hot or Cold?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevyvia View Post
    Obviously cold. You can put on more clothes. You can only take so many off until you're done, and then you're still hot.
    This is the only correct answer, no opinions to be had here. If you are cold you can do pushups and jumping Jack's, put on layers, get in bed under covers, etc. If you are hot there is nothing you can do about it... that's why in an office women need to stop crying about the A/C and *gasp* put on a sweater.

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    Hot. I can run the AC to cool off then step outside to enjoy the warmth which i prefer to freezing my ass off in some miserable over cast hell hole northern area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrt View Post
    Cold, always. Can always put more clothes/blankets on if it's cold.

    I hate hot. And it's just about summer now so I have to endure hot. I am not looking forward to it.
    This. I will join the 86% so far who picked cold.
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    it's easier to get warm when it's cold, than to get cold when it's hot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RCA View Post
    But Finland is cool (or I don't know, maybe temperate in the lower lands), not to your liking? Sorry, just curious.
    The perfect weather is +26C and sunny in my opinion. I don't think it's "too hot" until it approaches +40C. I dislike snow and I hate freezing.
    Yes I very much live in the wrong place but it's not that easy to just up and move.

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    I hate the cold. Have to wear a lot of ugly clothes during winter, face gets red, nose starts running. Fingers and feet are always cold. Fingers don't work. Remove ice and snow from my car, and cold weather isn't good for the battery either!

    Outside it's probably like 16 degress C. Tonight I'll sleep under a duvet, with socks and pyjamas with long legs and arms.

    Fuck this shit, I'll move to Spain

    My body temperature is between 35 and 36 degrees C, maybe this has a say in the matter?
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    Prefer cold, one of the few perks of living in Minnesota, just wish I could have the cold without the snow.

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    I prefer being cold than hot personally.

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    I live in Florida.

    If I go to somewhere with very low humidity, but high heat, I can do fine though.

    But ultra humidity plus ultra heat, no thank you.
    Our mini heat wave this last week has been a pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenzha View Post
    Easily cold. Once temperature hits double digits in Celsius i feel uncomfortable, 15+ i get headaches and 20+ i just feel sick all the time.
    Good lord, where do you live? Your uncomfortable is our winter.

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    flying the exodar...into the sun.
    i pick hot. i love hot.
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    Cold. I'm a winter person. Even sleep next to an open window in sub-freezing temps. Just give me some warm socks and a cup of coffee, and I'm good to go. Anything about 60F(15-16C) and I start getting uncomfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crackleslap View Post
    Good lord, where do you live? Your uncomfortable is our winter.
    UK, sun doesn't visit much but when it does it tends to be "heatwaves"

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    When its hot I want to be cold, when its cold I wish it was hot.

    I want eternal autumn.

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    What kind of hot or cold are we talking about? 40 degrees hot and minus 30 degree cold?

    Beyond 20 degrees, I start to feel uncomfortable with activities. Beyond 30 it is an annoyance. 15 degrees is pretty nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chazus View Post
    Find me an environment where you burn alive.
    Be a heretic in arabic countries lol.

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    Definitely cold. Now that it's starting to get into the 80s and 90s here, I am dreaming of snow coming back. I wouldn't mind a constant 30-45 degree outside temp being the norm.
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    Cold for sure. I just moved from Florida to the Midwest and couldn’t be more pleased.

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    People who prefer the cold have never had to go outside and start their car 15 minutes before leaving, or not have it start at all, or spend time scraping ice of the windows, or shovel snow. You also have to wear a lot more clothes in wintertime as well (hat/gloves/boots/coat). Not to forget that my skins cracks no matter how much lotion or Vaseline I put on. You also have to deal with streets not being plowed as well as snow and ice causing potholes to form. And if it is getting plowed getting stuck behind a gravel truck is always fun.

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    60 is where I prefer it to be.
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