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    Reading is "sort of" my 2nd team, as that's where I lived when I lived in England, so I'll probably try to follow them as much as it's possible from here in Belgium. But I've not really supported them for the 30 odd years I've supported United.

    Before Reading built the Madejski Stadium, they played at a small football ground that was 2 minutes away from where I lived. I remember they played United once in the FA Cup at that ground, and this was in the late 90's so it was the talk of the town to have Manchester United coming to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby B View Post
    My guess is that they'll crown PSG champions and say they deserve it by them beating the current holders.
    PSG doing the smart move, "winning" Champions' League 2021 this year, and after 2022 they'll join the Super League for sweet moneyz

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    Noob (?) question :

    Why wouldn't you guys keep watching your usual league, just with, hypothetically, fewer clubs (or replaced with promoted ones) ?

    Even without its 6 best (?) clubs, the Premier League has many top notch players no ? So while your favourite club (who is now dead because they're ESL traitors) is not there, the show will still be great, and the suspense will even be greater as a new hierarchy has to be set.
    Because you support a club, not a league. Weird that you don't get that. So when your club turns its back on you, you don't really want to watch anything anymore.
    Why am I back here, I don't even play these games anymore

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    I dont like it because its anti competition. Guaranteed spots for the founding clubs, that is quite the piss take.

    Theres been different power houses each decade so to just snap shot within this time frame because of the international appeal of those clubs is rather corrupt
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