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    Do you plan to main Mage in Classic?


    What is your opinion of the Vanilla Mage? Will you be maining it, or will you be playing something else?

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    sure, why not

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    If I actually play Vanilla again, then yes, will roll a mage.

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    One of the best classes in Vanilla

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    I'm in between a Mage, Paladin or Hunter.
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    Probably mage, yeah. Strongly considering warrior or druid too, though.
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    Yes I will, right now mages hit like a wet noodle by comparison, still no fire buffs. I tanked as a warrior in vanilla, so it will be somewhat new dpsing as a mage, it will be nice to actually be considered good dps again.

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    Yes, I love the ability to AoE farm some dungeons, portals, solid hits in BG, you always needed in the party and generally one of the best classes overall in Classic. I feel like it would be a good starting character to make money for other toons.

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    Well, 821 days /played on live. Ironically never played Mage in Vanilla, she only became my main at the tail end of TBC, so yea, i'll be a Mage, though no Blood Elves.., never been too keen on Undead or Troll.. may actually go Human Female.

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    Pressing nothing but Frostbolt for five minutes isnt exactly engaging gameplay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikkaszal View Post
    Pressing nothing but Frostbolt for five minutes isnt exactly engaging gameplay.
    All classes in Vanilla had "big brain" rotations like that in raids.

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