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    ice cream and cake. occasional vanilla coke. worst vice though is my almost pathological difficulty in resisting buying new craft supplies way before i'm anywhere near through with what i already have :/ which kinda leads to my awful habit to beat all awful habits :/ I start way too many projects before i finish the ones I already started. not even going to admit how many works in progress I have right now :/ been working on trying to at least finish one before starting the next one, but its been... 50/50 success rate

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    Oh I thought we were talking real definition of vices not coffee and icecream...

    Cause I've got all 7 of them, in abundance.

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    Used to booze, now it's soda and sex......don't you judge me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dellis0991 View Post
    Used to booze, now it's soda and sex......don't you judge me!
    let me guess coke and draenei?
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    Pride, Envy and Wrath.
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    My vices are too many to count.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morpen View Post
    Pastries and Ice cream.

    Especially these suckers
    Wow, that must be tasty, but might have the weakness of gaining weight, haha~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mightytasty View Post
    As someone who doesn’t drink diet soda, how is it addicting if it has no sugar? Just the taste? Does your brain perceive it as sugar?
    The diet ones seems to use xylitol instead of normal sugar, which taste sweet, but not strong as normal one.

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    Wasting time on youtube and my appreciation for sex I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morpen View Post
    Pastries and Ice cream.

    Especially these suckers
    Om nom nom... Romkugler!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostpanther
    Keep doing it.
    Thanks! It is a moderately expensive indulgence -- right now I'm still recovering from my foot injury so I'm up to twice a week sometimes -- but it does help manage the pain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katie N
    Wtf? No weapons? xD What is this? Restricted training environment?
    Commenting on "anything goes" for martial arts and self defense

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    Drinking Heavily
    I've struggled with alcoholism for a while now. Sober a few months new. I smoke pot here and there but thats about it.
    P.S I would like to apologize for all my horrid behaviour and posts while I was drinking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CcB View Post
    So I should stay quiet and learn absolutely nothing and circlejerk is what you're saying? Also, become sober for a day and re-read what I typed and take the time to process it.
    You asked if the only thing food does is affect you psychologically. Nope, it affects you physiologically on many levels. And it’s a substance you ingest. You might want to calm down with the projection and figure out what words mean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zenkai View Post
    100:1 odds that he wont
    Quote Originally Posted by freefolk View Post
    Okay. I'll stop sharing my views.

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    When I wait for something in a game, I play with my balls and then smell my hand, I love it.

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    Sugar, in the from of sweets.

    And being a sloth. If i don't have something, that i have to do in a day, i can just sleep or waste my day away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CcB View Post

    Does running cost money?

    I feel insulted responding to you.
    yes, running absolutely can cost money. apparently you don't run much. i could home grow marijuana and it wouldn't cost me one red cent.

    and look, don't be a snarky asshole with your "i feel insulted" shit. be an adult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helgrimm View Post
    I smoke a cigarette to and from work. I know it kills me, but eh, whatever. The commute is more bearable (15 minutes still is hell)
    two cigarettes a day isn't that bad
    No sense crying over spilt beer, unless you're drunk...

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    Peanut M&Ms

    I eat the shit out of them.

    I don't gain weight, I just feel super unhealthy after eating them ....
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    Snacks. Especially peanut butter and chocolate anything.

    Also nicotine and gaming.

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    does posting on these forums count? on the right morning, with the right topic, and the right people commenting this place can give me a jolt stronger than butt chugging a pot a coffee
    No sense crying over spilt beer, unless you're drunk...

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    Counting calories and eating healthy are good habits but they're getting a bit excessive for me, but I can't seem to stop. I work out a lot and since i'm a competition boxer I do need to watch what I eat, but I havent had junk food in more than a year and I feel actual guilt if I eat something like a snickers or something.

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    Hmm for me I would have to say (not necessarily in this order)

    • Coffee
    • Video Games
    • TV (Netflix)

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