View Poll Results: When will 8.2 be released?

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  • Tuesday, June 11th

    4 1.49%
  • Tuesday, June 18th

    22 8.21%
  • Tuesday, June 25th

    96 35.82%
  • Tuesday, July 2nd

    49 18.28%
  • Tuesday, July 9th

    34 12.69%
  • Tuesday, July 16th

    15 5.60%
  • Tuesday, July 23rd

    14 5.22%
  • Tuesday, July 30th

    4 1.49%
  • Tuesday, August 6th

    4 1.49%
  • Tuesday, August 13th

    26 9.70%
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  1. #81
    I thought i read somewhere that June 18th or 25th was confirmed?

    Maybe it was a qualified guess from some pro streamer. Who knows...

    Edit: Maybe im mixing it up with classic release? I dont even know anymore... also i dont care.
    Currently not playing so pretty much just waiting for something new

  2. #82
    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    Dude I made this thread 3 days before yours, relax.
    I'm not a dude.

  3. #83
    So many people (20%) saying July 2nd... Guys not even in the realm of possibility, most people will be out of the office that week

  4. #84
    June 25th

    Quarter end, have to increase their MAU numbers

  5. #85
    With the end of season warning almost guaranteed to be the 25th now.

  6. #86
    June 25th people... grats. (I said July 2nd)

  7. #87
    Now that it's actually announced I kinda feel "too soon". I mean I'm hyped for new content, don't get me wrong, I guess I'd prefer to know 2 weeks in advance rather than 1, even though I knew the patch was on the horizon.

  8. #88
    They needed something to rush out before the new FF14 expansion.

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