Centurion Knights is an Alliance guild on Frostmourne OCE was established in 2005 and is a fun, light hearted and mature guild focused on creating an atmosphere where we can all enjoy the game, while having a structured approach to raiding. We strive to provide an enjoyable raid environment, with a focus on progressing at a reasonable and consistent pace while understanding and supporting a life outside of Azeroth.

Our main raid is 2 nights a week, with many members running 5-man mythic, alt raids and other content during the rest of the week.

Main Raid Times
Wednesday – 8.30pm to 11pm ST
Thursday – 8.30pm to 11pm ST

Recruitment Needs

H-Raiding Requirements:

Gear Score: 384+
AP Neck: Level 36
All applicants welcome

If you are interested in joining our raid team apply on our website centurionknights.com or contact an officer in-game.
Social members are also welcome to join for Mythic + or alt runs, message an officer for an invite.

In-game: Inarieals
B-Tag: arieals#1947
Website - https://centurionknights.com/
Discord - https://discordapp.com/invite/eRhhvBn