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    Fdk 9/9m bfa lf guild

    I have been playing and raiding since Vanilla. With a very heavy heart my guild recently decided to stop raiding after 4 1/2 wonderful years. I would like to stay alliance but would swap to horde if needed.

    I can raid M-F: 5 pm Eastern - 12 am Eastern.
    Weekends are 100% free.
    I am looking for at LEAST a 3-night guild, but my ideal is a 5-night guild to push content.

    I have a googledoc of my raiding history and generals with links to past raiding experiences as well as present.
    Please inquire about it in a battle.net msg as I cannot link to it here.

    Please feel free to message me with any questions either in this thread or by adding me to Btag or Discord.
    I hope to find a place to raid that shares my same ideals in raiding.
    Thanks to everyone who bumps or views this page.
    Btag: Pluno#1646
    Discord: Pluno3257

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    Still looking for a guild!

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