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    Quote Originally Posted by Awyee View Post

    I'm in the market for a new guild and so I'm beginning to try and shape up my experience/logs to be an attractive candidate. My goal is to get into a guild where we get CE. I main a mage (415ilvl) and we've managed to get 7/9M this tier, but now we've had weeks of people not showing up and the raid being called. As I've been mostly doing prog, my logs dont look great at first glance (blue parses etc) but I've been doing the hell out of mechanics, not being the first to die on 99% of pulls, using consumables etc etc. I also have a plethora of alts (warlock, monk, dk, warrior, rogue) that are around 400ilvl and can easily be geared up to assist on future prog if needed. Is this enough? Do I have a chance of being brought into a consistent 9/9M guild without having the previous CE experience but playing the hell out of the bosses I've been done so far? What can I do to increase my likelihood of a trial?
    Speaking from the sidelines, someone whose the worst fucken wow player in history (ck ma armory fam) - being 3/9 Mythicc piece of shit - I can say that anyone looking for CE has two options:

    Produce BIG NUMBERS all of the time to get poached
    Pay the 600,000g for a Jaynuh Mythicc Kill (no mount included on this price)

    Getting poached isn't always something that's feasible due to logs being skewed, but I can say that I've seen many buddies put tons of hard work in for CE and it's pretty cool to see the hard work pay off.

    Cutting EdgY guilds thou are fucken SHITE so prepare yourself for more drama than you can imagine

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    Quote Originally Posted by dacoolist View Post
    Produce BIG NUMBERS all of the time to get poached
    Most guilds are too lazy to go around and poach, especially the mid tier ones, and even the top ones often take people by vouch / recommendations than trying to fish somebody out of lower guild. What most guilds do is sit on their laurels and wait until an app falls into their lap. So what you wanna do is get somewhere between 6-8/9 with decent numbers and then sell yourself to a guild that is 9/9 capable.

    Quote Originally Posted by dacoolist View Post
    Cutting EdgY guilds thou are fucken SHITE so prepare yourself for more drama than you can imagine
    The other option is to find yourself a cozy quiet guild full of raid loggers, half of which won't even speak up in raids, and might have a small panic attack first time they had to read colours publicly aloud during Merkatorque or pretended their mic is broken. And then act all surprised you expected socializing and friendships in a guild meanwhile everyone just wants to slay pixel dragons and behave as if everyone else was a bot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrilaife View Post
    Most guilds are too lazy to go around and poach
    Never knew poaching was something was something of which you should derive pride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Great Destiny Man View Post
    Basic as hell checks in logs will still highlight your weak links. You can look in more analysis (such as when are people popping lust, if you're transitioning at bad points etc) but that's about overall raid performance, not individual.

    But by all means do continue being facetious for the sake of appearing to win a faux argument.
    I'm not being facetious you aren't even talking about counts you have zero clue about even surface level log analysis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atharaxie View Post
    Never knew poaching was something was something of which you should derive pride.
    My point was if you are a player who thinks guilds will come to you to "poach" you thanks to amazing logs, you're in for a disappointment, if you don't go out of your way to actively search for a guild you have very little chance someone will come to you and make you an offer. It can happen, but very rarely, it's better to search for a guild than count on guilds searching for you.

    If you want to say guilds don't poach thanks to their high moral standards instead of just sheer laziness of having to crawl through tons of logs, message people and deal with declines (yes there are people who don't wanna move upwards because they're either loyal to their current guild or just don't have time / ambition to go more hardcore despite meeting skill requirements), the outcome is still the same. Most guilds don't do it, so if you want to be recruited, you have to be proactive.

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    I am a guy without any raiding experience since Cataclysm.

    Who wants me?

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    Recruiting people that have 6+ months subscriptions going is at least guaranteeing they have interest in playing the game. No point recruiting someone that only subs month to month, he is very likely to quit. That's my first criteria.

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    Can't tell from my own experience, since the guild i have runned never really thought about mythic, but i have a great comment from a friend of mine, who hit top 100 mythic in WoD and Legion: "Commitment and consistence takes preference over everything else".

    Skills can be taught, alts can be created and consumables can be bought or made. Being able to commit yourself to a raiding schedule and always putting up your best, is what alot of guilds are really looking for in new players. Top guilds are often looking for experience, but it does not really matter if you were World First in Wrath-MoP, if you can't show for half the raids in a month.

    Just show that you are commited, promise high activity and flexability, and maybe even open up for showing your skill on some test runs. I have recruited a lot of tanks throughout the years and after a few dungeons and a raid, it is really easy to see if they got what it takes
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