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    Just to be the odd one out I think reputation accrues to your character. The Grand Poobah of The Fraternal Order of Water Buffaloes doesn't know your alt from Barney Rubble.
    I will tell them they are my family.

    "Ooh, so you are the wife of Gloogars brother?"

    "Oooh, so you are the grandchild of Gloogar?"

    "Oooh, so you re Gloogars.. janitor?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatto View Post
    The worst case scenario I found was trying to play an alt only by doing RBG.
    1h per day ( let's say 1 win and 1 loss, and let's hope that the queue are under 10 mins ) and you will gain 200 azerite power per day more or less
    That isn't actively playing. While you did say it is a "worst case" you can't do content that rewards low azerite and expect to make any meaningful gains. Doing four islands, doing emissary, and doing assaults will easily get you caught up on azerite. My alt was 40+ traits before getting Zandalari exalted. It really is easy. If you don't find doing content in the game to be fun then you really shouldn't be playing.

    You can't expect to do minimal effort and receive maximum rewards on all characters. If you are only playing the alts for an 1 hour to do one battleground you don't even need full azerite traits unlocked. You won't be seeing a large gain either way for performance.
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