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    Looking for a guild merge or steady joint runs, tues/wed/thurs AFTERNOON

    Hey folks, slightly different type of post, but our guild had lost some people to life and other such things. We have 8 raiders left and would like to find another group in a similar spot to raid with and/or possibly merge. Most of us have at least 2 toons over 390ilvl and mains over 410. We have at least 2 healers and 2 tank mains. We were 7/9H before it all went down, but are willing to step back a few bosses to meet up with whoever we team with.

    Our raid available times are tues-thurs afternoons, around 3-6EST, we would prefer to only raid 2 days a week though, but everything is up for discussion. Get a hold of me or our other two officers on bnet: Zelphinius#1924; Arnstar#1405; Sirege#1659

    We are open to moving to horde for the right group.

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