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    GW2 Community Perception

    I've been enjoying GW2 a lot lately, but I've come to notice that there are many rude and pedantic players. It annoys me because many people like to let on that GW2 is the best MMO community out there, but that hasn't been my experience. This isn't to say that there are not many nice people in GW2, but that comes with any game. I feel like the GW2 community just enjoys bigging itself up. For example on the GW2 reddit many players pat themselves on the back for being a part of the best community for the best game while downplaying other games (mostly WoW). It looks like an echo chamber. The most I see WoW being mentioned in the ESO reddit for example is when they say that they have joined ESO after quitting WoW.

    Lots of players in my guilds and map chat have some sort of moral righteousness over what the community should be like. Many people seem to look down their nose at players who tell players to check guides such as Dulfy, or the GW2 wiki, to complete an achievement or to find the usefulness of an item or how to make it.

    I've had one player say 'what's the point in a community if you just tell them to wiki it?'. I find this insulting to the people (such as Dulfy for example) who put much of their own time into creating guides that are accessible and available for players to follow. Dulfy is a part of the community and puts more effort into helping GW2 players than the random nobody in my guild who I quoted.

    I've also had a player in the Triple Trouble world boss meta criticise another player for not telling her the tactics because he said that she should not join if she does not know. I think this is unfair as a player also has their own responsibility to find out what to do just as much as someone else has to help them. If nobody found out what to do, then no one would be able to help in the first place.

    What do you think? Do you think it's common for GW2 players to gatekeep how to help other people? Is the community not actually that nice? Or are the worst players just the ones who are the most vocal?
    Do players rely too much on other people to tell them the information rather than finding out themselves? Or should people just 'be more helpful' and tell them?

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    No community is perfect but I'm not understanding the issue.

    Things about GW2 thought:

    The game has a robust wiki, which is ' use /wiki' or 'look it up on dulfy' is a bit of a meme. No different than telling someone to look up something on WoW Head or get an addon though. The difference is that GW2 doesn't have giant arrows and soundfxs telling you what to do at all times.

    It can be a bit rude and off putting when every question is met with a 'wiki it'. Imagine if everytime you asked a question in real life and the reply was 'Google it'. Sometimes people are looking for a fast and simple answer or maybe they already looked at the wiki.

    If you when does X spawn, I'm going to tell you to type /wiki et. If you want to know where then I'll give you the waypoint. 'How many ectos to craft X?' Wiki it. 'Is X viable?' I'll give you my opinion. Its all contextual

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