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    Are M+ dungeons too long?

    Most raid encounters are typically 5-10 minutes. However a M+ 'encounter' from start to finish can be upwards of 40-45 minutes, with no pauses or breaks in between. This is an extraordinarily long period of time to remain vigilant for.

    Do you think that M+ dungeons are far too long on average? I think that the amount of trash and bosses of some of these dungeons should be significantly reduced to be more in line with raid encounters. There should be more 2-3 boss, 20-25 minute dungeons like Maw of Souls and fewer exhausting dungeons like Shrine of the Storm. Not every dungeon needs to be a long and arduous 4-5 boss dungeon.

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    It's fine. You can do quick low keys or longer 30-40minutes high keys. You can easy squeeze in 4 dungeons in a raid night time. While during progress you have like 10mins break ant that is it. Gaps between pulls are more or less easy trash packs. 30sec-1min

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    Nope, this is supposedly an mmorpg not an arcade game. You not got a phone?

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