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    Quote Originally Posted by Desh View Post
    It's to make people that don't want to use a pet on a pet class feel special.
    Bullshit. As has been expressed many times in this and other threads, the benefit was primarily around the devs being too lazy to fix the pet AI.

    Marksmanship has never fit the class identity of hunters anyway.
    Yeah, why would a guy who uses ranged weapons focus on them when he can roar and whistle at Fluffy while spazzing around the room?

    In the pre-Cata design, your three trees represented different aspects of being a hunter. Cata decided that each tree was a separate class itself. For example, newly dubbed Fire Mages suddenly forgot all the frost and arcane magic they'd been using for 80 levels. Same for hunters, no longer were we sharpshooters with wild beast companions, and traps and poisons.
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    I'll buy an Anduin shirt if Delaryn doesn't end up betraying Sylvanas by the end of the expansion.
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    "Orc want, orc take." and "Orc dissagrees, orc kill you to win argument."
    Why no, people don't just like Sylvie for T&A:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Animron View Post
    What is the point of Lone Wolf?
    So you can play as an archer archetype without a pet.

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    Lone Wolf is awesome if u ask me, i hated pets since start but always wanted to play ranged class but hate casters. Something like Ranger class would be awesome (limited use of stealth and bow are my dream) and MM is close to that. Still using pets for utility but only when i have to. I like separation between specs (only because blizz will never add classes like gunner or ranger) so you have choice in one class (almost like druids) u want pets BM, wanna melee SV, wanna be ranger MM. If u ask me i would remove pets totally from MM (maybe leave them just for looks without damage and utilities) and add some extra utility spells as talents, cause we only have that 20% damage reduction for 6 sec on 3 min CD

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    my biggest beaf i have in wow, has allways been pets... so dps or not, i love hunters, but i hate pets.. so its been amazing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sondrelk View Post
    A pet makes little sense for a Marksman, and those hunters have always had a pet mostly just as flavor, not as an integrated part of the class.
    The buff means you do roughly the same amount of damage on single target when the boss never moves faster than the pet. However, once you get 2 target cleave, or spread AoE. Or even just target swapping, Lone wolf becomes a fairly easy to understand binary DPS or Utility choice.

    tl;dr; Lone wolf is to give MM a choice between DPS and utility
    Am I missing something? I thought with the current iteration of MM, we have 0 aoe without at least 3 targets?

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    the Pet AI is retarded and blizzard never got it working, that's the point of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desh View Post
    It's to make people that don't want to use a pet on a pet class feel special. Marksmanship has never fit the class identity of hunters anyway. Ideally, Blizzard would make a new class that revolves solely around archery/sniping/sabotage and move Marksmanship to that class and then make Hunter's more pet focused.

    It's the same shit with Grimoire of Sacrifice too. Out-of-place talents specifically for people that shouldn't even be playing those classes to begin with.
    Why do you consider the pet as a part of the Hunter identity? Cause of the open cinematic?

    I know tons of mmorpg, where the bow/gun class has no pet and it feels as natural as playing without a pet in WoW. I play hunter cause I have ranged damage that isn't spells (meaning bows etc) but always hated to have a pet.

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    The idea is MM hunter's fantasy is to be a ranger, archer type. I personally am supporter of that. I never liked pets but I like archery. Luckly for people who wants pet focus we have BM hunters and for people who wants melee combat we have Survival hunters (although it irritates me that we cant dual wield one handed axes, Blizzard!). But hey I think hunters as class from a fantasy point of view satisfies all three types of styles.

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    So many like minded Ranger's in this thread, I absolutely love Lone wolf and I hate having a pet it seem's like EVERY single ranged class has a pet to get on in this game... it sucks.

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    Pet makes sense mainly for the beast mastery specification for a known reason.

    I didn't play as survival hunter but for marksman the Lone Wolf determines the player's style of play: for larger DPS play as a loner with 10% damage gain. On PVP, the difference is noticeable and the hunter deals much more skill damage without a pet


    with a smaller DPS, but with a pet and its additional skills (in fact, most of these skills are not good enough for me, and the Lone Wolf option is definitely better.)

    I usually turn my pet off on PvP but I always play on PvE with him.

    There are also people who just don't like playing with a pet. There are also those who do not care how much dmg they do, more or less, but like to have their pet with them at all times BC RP etc. This talent gives them only the opportunity to choose.
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