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    List of forbidden words...

    If we’re going to start infracting people using words that aren’t blatantly racists (ending in “er” and the like) or hate speech, you should really let posters know. Naga and/or nigga (the latter being used in everyday conversation for a large portion of the population) and the former being (recently apparently) used in place of the latter, it’s difficult to know seemingly innocuous words that will receive an infraction.

    And even further, since when hasn’t context been used when deciding if an infraction is warranted? Further leading to the need to know words that will instantly lead to an infraction.
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    There aren't a forbidden word list because everything is contextual.

    If you want to open an appeal, the correct method to do so is to PM a mod and request one.

    for moderation questions/concerns, please contact a global:

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