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    Gaze vs revolving

    Hi have a question. Not sure whats best i can chose to get one trait of revolving blade or a third trait of furious gaze. My gut tells me having atleast one revolving trait is a better choice but thought maby some could give some input if am wrong or not ?

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    but also 3 furious gaze is brilliant if you have chatoic transformation and you;re running the fel+demon blade build

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    as in felblade?

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    Assuming you're talking PVE and not PVP (where azerite traits change considerably) You want to aim at getting 3 FG as a priority. Revolving isn't as high priority since the nerf but if you can get one then you should try.

    Current BIS is:

    Helm - Tidemother's Cover :
    Shoulder - Phantom Stalkers Shoulders
    Chest - Mekkatorgue's Bomber Jacket

    Felblade/Demonblade build is really strong in ST if you have enough Haste and the right Azerite traits, it detroys in PVP but I believe from the latest sims the Demo build still comes out on top

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    how are the felblade/demonblade build in dungons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqindra91 View Post
    how are the felblade/demonblade build in dungons?
    Perfectly fine. AoE is a bit lower but the ST makes up for it.

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