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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurhetemec View Post
    Pretty sure this does indeed end up with more people having gear with unique art, so... /shrug. I dunno. I like the Warfront sets we've seen so far.
    More people with the same unique gear? Doesn't sound so unique.

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    Cosmetic sets =/= tier sets. Nothing stopped them (maybe except for budget) for implementing cosmetic sets AND have azerite gear.

    Also Azerite gear itself is miles ahead of tier sets. So no, blizzard should not do step back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vineri View Post
    I guess.. for those who really gauge their experiences as a series of "sets".


    No ... But who cares at this point anyways.

    I'd rather have Warcraft 2 1.x at this point. Collections are an incredible waste of .. everything. Lets just start over, with an actual game to play and enjoy.

    Not this collection Bullishit to simulate an RPG experience.

    If you spend all day to "better" yourself via collections, then I feel safe to say, you missed the original intent of this MMORPG.
    better go back to 10 years ago then. No one nowadays seems to care about playing a game because you enjoy it anymore. They just want to watch numbers go higher or play dressup. Not even limited to WoW. It's a general problem.

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    And start with a high res, updated re-release of tier 2 sets.

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    Kinda. Class sets and gear drops in raids need a total redesign. As of right now, the only issue with the gear is it looks like shit and does nothing special.

    With tier sets, it was double shit because you'd get a piece of tier gear but then you'd have to replace it with some fuckass of an item thanks to war/titanforging and extra stat bonuses. That, or you'd have to ignore it because "muh set bonus" In Legion, I never had any tier bonus because fuck that noise.

    They should make it so the only type of gear that drops from raids is a tier piece with a chance of war/titanforging just to give you a reason to keep farming the raid. Oh, and maybe put in different types of sets that'd benefit more than just your spec. Like maybe a ring set that matters more than just "deal extra autoattack damage lole"

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    I'd like to see more unique pieces of art in general, but I'm tired of forcing more class sets. Like in BFA I think it would have been cool to have a set for each of the zone factions.
    As for tier bonuses, I get the whole feeling of being slot locked. I'd like to see something better than the Azerite system, but I don't think doing a full 180 is the answer.

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    Either this or class skins. I know we have allied races and such but lack of class sets makes raids worthless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulSoBreezy View Post
    I'd like to see more unique pieces of art in general, but I'm tired of forcing more class sets. Like in BFA I think it would have been cool to have a set for each of the zone factions.
    As for tier bonuses, I get the whole feeling of being slot locked. I'd like to see something better than the Azerite system, but I don't think doing a full 180 is the answer.
    That would be nice. Sets themed after races we meet.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nevcairiel View Post
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    I voted yes, but I main hunter, so even if they do bring sets back I'll most likely just wear mangled remains of dead bodies. You know, like a real hunter, no?

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    Keep azerite but make there be no grind and no over lap in effects, it’s just. Better version of tiers.

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    Tier sets, especially with class based art again please.

    And while you are at it Blizzard, for fucks sake, mix the art of random pieces better. There is no reason why all 3 random plate pants in your raid need to have the death knight theme..

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    I cared about getting tier sets, I do not care about getting azerite armor beyond “this one is higher ilvl”. ...

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    When PvP sets looks better than the PvE sets you know something is off... :>

    It's good that the PvP sets looks nice(Darkshore ones mostly), and the pve-sets from quests/levelling in BfA has been better than usual, but I can't get around the raid-sets for PvE are a bit boring, even though the quality in the details are nice.

    I guess I just like colors. It is pretty clear now that tier-sets from raids is an incentive to raid more, like farm raids etc. My guild has done that very little in BfA compared to other expansion. I guess we have the reason here.
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    Yes. I'm not a fan of Azerite at all.

    Although I don't necessarily need tier sets to be satisfied. I just need something that's more fun/interesting than Azerite (which isn't saying much) if Blizzard wants to do away with tier.

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    Keep tier sets away.

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    Azerite Armor was a clusterfuck from the beginning. It was one of the many reasons that BfA was/is so damn bad. I didn't like sets when the bonuses were simply overpowering for a class. I did enjoy them when they would change a class rotation, or provide utility.
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    Yes, mainly cause I like the class sets in general a bit more. I would prefer, since the sets changes effects depending on spec, that the set itself also changes to the current spec.

    Might be too much work tho.

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    The problem with things like tier sets is in the past the viability of a spec revolved around having the 4 piece set bonus. Essentially if you didn't have it, you were gimped. Quite the opposite of what the term "bonus" means. It's just another requirement rather than something nice to have.

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    No. I don't like the current Azerite Armour system, but I alsodidn't like the (calss depending) inconsistencies of the old Tier sets. I'd like to see something that grabs the best of both, ditches anything that smells like an AP grind, and offers actual meaningful empowerment of my toon in real terms, not in some ideal sim.

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    I was excited for Azerite Armor.

    Problem is the pieces from Raid in BfA are not that appealing. Tier Sets had a unique feel to them, and for each class at that....

    Just laziness is apparent here from the developers. A good idea that was rushed and not modified during the 6 month Beta...
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    Absolutely yes.

    They had their experiment with not having tier sets and it was a complete failure, with BFA having the least interesting armor sets for players in a very long time.

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