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    Strongly want tier sets back, Azerite is trash and has been trash since beta.

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    Yes! 1million times yes!

    In fact, see this other thread:

    If there were set bonuses, there would be no problem between mythic+ and raiding as an end game activity.

    In fact, one could make them both exclusively viable, by making them apples and oranges, instead of competing loot sources. Blizzard could put set bonuses in mythic+ just like they did in raids(and vice versa), and have them only work there.

    Besides being able to prevent content cannibalization between the two end game activities, set bonuses represent intermediate term goals for players. In BFA, the biggest thing that has been removed from the game imo is long term and intermediate term goals. Generic gear sucks and we should not be working to earn generic gear, gear should feel special.

    The reward structure is terrible in BFA, and if they had just kept a similar reward structure to Legion, and reworked a few classes who have bad gameplay in BFA(or kept them the same as Legion) then I think BFA would have been a much better xpak, imho.

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    I think they should reverse a good 90% of the terrible decisions they made for BfA, tier sets included.

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    No, that would mean going back to raiding. Doing M+ only is just fine.

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    tier sets or riot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurhetemec View Post
    I strongly suspect most people most extremely obsessed with class sets were not here in Vanilla.
    I strongly suspect you're wrong tbh. I played vanilla, people loved tier sets in vanilla. I loved them, I remember how happy I was when I got plagueheart, but I'll always remember the day I got my first piece of felheart, before the new models were in, when the set bonus was "has a chance to fear when you're hit."

    Was a great feeling.

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    Yes, absolutely.

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    I think they'll do it. It will give back that classic type feel with sets again.

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    i personaly dont care, i played a warlock for the last 8-9 years, and i cant remember when my tiers were gameplay impacting, most of them were just static dmg increases or some passive procs

    azerite armor was more engaing than tier sets imo

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    I don't want Blizz to go back to strictly 1 class set with 5 pieces from each raid. I think that model grew a bit stagnant overall, but i would love if Blizz doubled down on set bonuses in general. If they want class sets, i think they should be more elite than they were back then, less 1 set per class, and more final boss drops a ring that gives bonuses on different armor pieces similar to azerite.

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    Kind of like the Karazhan megadungeon trinket and chest pieces.

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    I appreciate that they experimented with something new. They get a box of cookies for that. Unfortunately, it's a raisin oatmeal box. If they want one they actually want, they'll have to get an Azerite Cookie Cache with over forty possible options inside. Hope the odds are in their favor. -.-

    All snark aside, I'm okay with them not bring tier sets back on the condition they find something that works better. They've already acknowledged that Azerite has failed as proven by the fact that they're changing the entire system halfway through the expansion. If they can figure out how to move forward from here, I'm game.
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    I voted no, knowing full well that there'd likely be a landslide of yes.

    My reason behind the no is that tier kind of became a crutch and compensated for poor class design decisions would move to plug the holes. The problem with that is with so many classes it seemed like the rich got richer and the poor continued to be poor and some set bonuses tended to be completely broken by comparison to the other.

    I think there's a world where we could to tier again but I think it'd need to be a less impactful bonus than the mechanics they introduced previously.

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    Well, not the fugly tier sets that we have had in the last expansions, but GOOD looking tier sets? Absolutely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yes but actually no View Post
    This is essentially what we all hoped azerite would allow us to do before we found out just how boring the traits were.
    Stopped reading here. Tier sets were far more boring than azerite is. I implement rotations since early wod in my addon. Hardly any tier set changed rotation.
    Most were like:
    increase damage of X spell by Y%
    using spell Z decreases cooldown of A spell.
    using spell X can make spell A instant...

    Nothing really interesting. Azerite? Well, take a look at SIMC profiles.

    Almost every spec has at least 1 trait that changes your rotation. Tho there are some exceptions like Ret pala.
    But tier sets? 1-3 specs per entire tier at most.

    So no, don't bring em back.

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    Yes. I have nothing against the raid/zone/faction themed gear this expansion, got some great mogs out of it, but tier sets were both cool looking and mechanically interesting.

    Their complaint was running out of ways to design the class themes, but I think the "class skins" idea Taliesin vouched for could help with that, as well as continuing heritage armor.

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    I really don't care about the gameplay aspect of azerite armor, but having class themed sets rather than raid themed (especially with how boring the Palace raid sets are turning out) is quintessential in my opinion.
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    No and no. Ever heard of progress?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneWay View Post
    No and no. Ever heard of progress?
    Azerite is not progress, its a shitty dead end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    Azerite is not progress, its a shitty dead end.
    Azerite is not a whole game.
    "The Dark Lady chooses her champions well."

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    Im going to say yes and its because I believed them when they said that each tier set this time around was going to have an awesome feel as they represent the zone they came from and so far they are all lackluster and boring.

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