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    Lightbulb LF Reroll / Levelling Guild

    Greetings, i’m currently looking to join a guild whom are still levelling and haven’t started raiding yet, but have intentions of doing so later. Mainly because i’d like to be there and experience it from the beginning. I’ve been playing mostly solo since the start of warlords (which is also the last time I raided), and quite frankly, it’s just not fun anymore. Been pondering if I should just pack it in and quit wow, or attempt to find new people to play with. And so here I am. I’d be up for creating a guild if more people want to join in, but i’m not sure i’d be that keen on any kind of leadership role. Realm and faction doesn’t really matter to me. Cheers!

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    Hey Lykane!

    I'm currently trying to kick-start a re-roll guild and would love for you to give my forum post a visit '*NEW*-Re-roll-Project' under the EU-English Servers recruitment section within MMO. Alternatively, add me on bnet (Brad#2280) and we can chat.


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