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    Seconded. It's a thing that I as a moderator in WoWGen don't even look here very often. And when I do I haven't missed much. I miss that terribly.

    The changes to SP in Legion stripped away most of the layers of the character I had known since Burning Crusade. I didn't like the class fantasy and I'm not fond of the gameplay either.

    I appreciate Discord for what it is but don't use it too much as it's ephemeral and demands more attention than I have time to give it. So I'm playing a very casual game these days. Mostly solo and more observing the game than participating in it. I never liked the theme for BfA so that was the straw that broke the back of the game for me (for now).
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    While it's a taboo subject on mmochamp i just want to point out everything you miss still actually does exist to a fairly considerable extent, just not on official blizzard servers. You're just unfortunately never gonna get new content to discuss, debate and enjoy on them.
    New theorycraft does pop up though on the platforms for these unofficial servers and people do still experiment, a silly but effective one that came up for priests in legacy leveling is weaving in autoattacks between wand attacks to increase dps.
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    I miss those days too. I quit early BFA mainly because the current sp design is not fun and blizzards design policy sucks(no huge class changes in patches, fail to acknowledge design issues in alpha/beta). 9.0 is pretty much my last hope, but I will do some facemelting in classic for sure.
    I just love the old mindflay animation.
    And blackout.
    And old shadowform.
    And being a tanky pvp god. <3

    Until then I'm rocking Destiny 2 which is exceptional and is even getting better very soon.

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    The forums dying is a recent thing though. Both the HowToPriest (spiritual successor to forums and these forums were very active all the way up to late WoD/early Legion (when Discord became mainstream and all classes got their own servers). When the admins actively killed off H2P in favour of the current (which doesn't even have a forum), that was the final nail in the coffin.

    This happened to all the class sites btw. It was just more noticeable for SPs, because the SP forums have historically been one of the most active out of all the theorycrafting sites, and the by far most active if you take class population into account.

    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    The changes to SP in Legion stripped away most of the layers of the character I had known since Burning Crusade. I didn't like the class fantasy and I'm not fond of the gameplay either.
    The original SP was completely stripped away in MoP tbh. I hated the MoP redesign more than I hated the Legion one. Cata and WoD were the two best versions of Shadow, and both got redesigned when they were at their peak. Consider the pitiful state BFA Shadow is in (in terms of mechanics, not numbers), it wouldn't surprise me if Blizz decided to keep this skeleton for the next expansion aswell.

    When it comes to class design, Blizz has a long history of breaking things that are working properly after a single expansion, while keeping things that are fundamentally broken for multiple expansions...
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    Maybe I am just old, but there is a nagging thought in my head concerning Discord, I am waiting for the shoe to drop and fees to be implemented. As large as it has become, there has to be a breaking point where without any viable competition, someone gets the idea of charging a few dollars a year for channels, or perhaps individual fees. I hope I am wrong, or at least it doesn't happen any time soon.

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