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    I read it on Yahoo news the other day at work and thought it was both funny and stupid. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. It's just a PR nightmare waiting to happen when/if people fall to their deaths.
    It appears that a lot of people are unaware that infinity pools located high enough above ground to kill from a fall have been pretty popular for quite a long time. This isn't new. The only unique part about this pool is that it covers the entirety of the roof with no deck on any side.

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    They have watched Harry Potter one too many times apparently.
    It just means that a hollow tube with a spiral stairway can rise through and above the water for people to go in and out, like a hatch. My question is how they manage to do that without the water levels changing, considering the water level in this type of pool needs to stay constant.
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    One break anywhere and you would just wash out over the edge.
    Yes, because we all know they will use thin glass... And not a few mether thick plexiglass

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    Looks sketchy, but I kinda wanna pee in it.
    Weird flex, but ok.

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    This will never be built.

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