I was just wondering if by putting not rng items ( same cost scaling ) also for ilvl 385 and 400 could help players with the current system.

Shortly, instead of a 415 ilvl random piece, what about being able to buy a specific ilvl 400 one ( eventually, even 385 )?

Since Azerite traits are way too important, and considering the fact that being able to chose, and trade ilvl for a non rng piece, will help players with customization, I think it would be definitely great.

I like the customization given by azerite traits, but not being able to chose them is not the best deal.
Even more than

  1. Random Stats
  2. Eventually random extra stat
  3. Eventually Random Socket
  4. Eventually War/Titanforging

What do you think?
Being able to chose a ilvl 385/400 ( talking about this season ilvls ) for an increased price would be good for players?
Would it be too bad for blizzard?