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    Quote Originally Posted by melzas View Post
    Hello another 100ish poster who's only reason to post in this thread to be a toxic piece of shit. How's your day?
    Clearly better than yours.

    Seek help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rakael View Post
    Clearly better than yours.

    Seek help.
    Probably not, seeing how you cared to make shit post just to attack strager over internet, because he trashed your 15 years old game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atherions View Post
    Find people you enjoy raiding with and do it just for the social fun
    Assuming they aren't poached after a few MC runs. Hey in classic you need to deal with feeder guilds
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oakshana View Post
    What catch-up gear are you referring to? Do you mean the high level gear that was available as a result of the undead invasions? Do you honestly thing they will lead with that event? They are going to want to milk Classics duration as much as they can. If they were to make catchup gear available it would negate the need to run BRD, BRS or do any farming for gear whatsoever and kill half the reason people wanted classic in the first place.
    All the gear in the game is buffed from earlier vanilla. More stats on it. That is why you see people run around with 2k+ HP at lvl 40 in the beta right now. In Vanilla that did not happen untill lvl 60.

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