Hello folks of MMO-C,

I have recently found myself in a weird situation where I can't seem to pick up the first quest of the 8.1.5 Alliance War Campaign (Loose Ends).

I have completed all War Campaign quests so far on this character, have exalted with all reputations, done all relevant achievements for the war campaign and should be able to continue the quest from Halford Wyrmbane.

However, while my quest log showed the prompt "continue the story with "Loose Ends" from Halford Wyrmbane" when I visited him at the ship he wouldn't have any quest to share.

I opened two tickets in-game and got absolutely no help from the GMs. They claim that there is no issue with my character and that I should be bale to pick up the quest.

A guildie recommended that I do the Crucible quest line first which I started and completed (with only the Crucible raid pending) and now even the prompt has disappeared from my quest log and has been replaced with "the story will continue later".

Has anyone else run into this problem?
Any advice?