View Poll Results: Should WoW have a WoW 2 1.x?

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  • Yeah, why hasn't it already happened

    83 23.85%
  • Yeah, it's going to happen soon or later

    40 11.49%
  • Yeah, I don't care either way

    13 3.74%
  • Yeah, I'm gonna suck it up eventually

    1 0.29%
  • No, I resist change

    14 4.02%
  • No, you are Crazy!!!

    108 31.03%
  • Maybe .. but in the near future

    6 1.72%
  • Maybe .. but in the FAR future

    34 9.77%
  • I hate being asked questions

    24 6.90%
  • Other

    25 7.18%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nihilist74 View Post
    Totally disagree. I would not want any version of wow without dungeon or raid finder. I want to spend my time running dungeons and raids, not organizing groups to run dungeons or raids. I also don't want the class design from WOTLK on back. I would prefer the class design of MOP or WOD with the addition of demon hunters. I would also prefer to keep catch up gear options in the game also.

    I would not prefer they spend time on a new game engine for WOW 2. I would rather they just make a better expansion. WOW is an online multiplayer game. If they made a game with better graphics, it would be harder for it to run well online.
    You got it almost right, except new engine is needed because Look&feel is really important. No matter how good expansion will be, everything will still feel the same. For reasons i have posted in this thread few times.

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    If they make a WoW 2 they better get rid of the stupid and obsolete tab-targetting system and make the game more dynamic and based on actual skill. Let us play like, I don't know, Devil May Cry.

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