Hello and welcome to <Cascade>! Thank you for looking into us! We are a tight knit guild Looking to add more Mythic Raiders into our roster! We are made up of both IRL and Online friends!


Raid Times/Days: Tuesday/Wednesday 9-12AM EST
Current Progression: 4/9 M
Recruitment Contacts: Shade#6770 (Discord), TheShadeTree#1687 (Bnet), Jackal#12565 (Bnet)
Progress: 4/9 M 2/2 H (Sadly I cannot post our Wowprogress but feel free to look us up!)
Requirements: 400+ Ilvl, 45+ Heart of Azeroth level.
Needs: Resto Shaman, Warlock, Death Knight (DPS/Tank offspec), Demon Hunter. Other classes are welcome, bonus if you have a healer/tank offspec