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    Running WoW on Nvidia MX130

    Hey there,

    Trying to get my misses into WoW but don't want to blow the bank on a laptop in case she doesn't like it.
    Have found a relatively cheep model at the local JB hifi that is running a low end i7 with MX130 graphics.
    What are the chances of her making 30/40fps on low end settings?

    I've seen review videos for games like fortnite etc running on this setup at around 50fps, but nothing specific to WoW.
    If it matters game play will likely be mostly on classic servers.

    Cheers in advance.
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    it will have no problem to run wow, if you are tolerant to pixelate graphics (reduce resolution and rendering quality) then you ll have no problem to enjoy the game.

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    I'd try finding something with an i5 and a 1050/1060, but it should be fine at like 720/1080p low settings

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