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    Quote Originally Posted by XDurionX View Post
    PoE is a good game, but i couldn´t lay it half as long as i played D3. It´s A LOT grindier and more repetitive.
    It's the same kind of grind. It's D3 that managed to remove it almost completely and it's not really a positive thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazuli View Post
    Yes PoE developers are literally 1 of a kind.

    I know it's long but when you got the time, its incredible to see their mindset on game design. They are the true Diablo sequel.
    An example of a game made by players for players.
    I honestly don't understand the argument that PoE can be played forever but D3 gets boring. They have literally the same end game - endlessly grinding randomly generated dungeons. D3 at least has the luxury of Paragon levels. What does PoE do? Lets you get to about about mid 80s before ramping up the obscene amount of experience required to get higher. It is quite a feat to hit 100 in PoE. I'd say probably the same amount of grind as hitting Paragon 2000 in Diablo 3. Maybe even more if you're efficient at it. What PoE does is make min-maxing almost impossible, whereas with enough time and luck in D3 you can manage to get BiS gear with perfect rolls fairly easily.

    The entire point of PoE is to endlessly grind currency so you can either create your own gear, and all the endless frustration that brings, or use it to buy the things you need from other players. Which just encourages buying currency from third-party sites (there are even sites where legit players can sell their currency, so you can stay away from shady Chinese farmers) in order to get the gear they need. If anything, the only thing PoE has that D3 doesn't is forced multiplayer interaction, unless you play SSF, which to me is stupid because the entire system on which PoE is built is counter intuitive to playing solo.

    Don't get me wrong - I've been playing PoE since launch, I still have all of my Silver supporter stuff, and I will continue to play it. But the way people bash on D3 in support of PoE is just silly, considering how so much of both games are similar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by endersblade View Post
    I honestly don't understand the argument that PoE can be played forever but D3 gets boring. They have literally the same end game - endlessly grinding randomly generated dungeons.
    Actually they cannot be as far apart as they are.

    D3 has GRs.

    PoE has Atlas, Delve, Temple Runs, Syndacate, Bestiary crafting, and add on top of it every single League mechanic that made its way into standard game.

    It's not a problem of content type - in fact, so many people like GRs. The point is purpose and variety.

    D3 GRs are randomized dungeons that exist for the sake of it and getting a +1 to a legendary gem.

    In PoE, you have many different kind of progressions all aimed to hunt items or currency - which is what people like. It's not about zerging hordes, it's why and how you do it.

    I see them as two completely different beasts and PoE is hands down superior to D3 in this aspect.
    No one wants to choose. Everyone wants everything.

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    When does "the push" generally start?
    The push starts when you fail a GR, I am mister obvious here.

    Personally I don't push, I stop my season when I hit guardian. Admittedly I wanted to push this season with my Crusader, but stopped mid way. I don't want to do 100 tries just so I could get the perfect rift (Also, my weapon and amulet needed more farm so I could change them.).

    In the end, it's YOU who decide anyway.

    As for the comparaison between your necro and your crusader, there is unbalance between the classes in Diablo, this is true. The best SOLO pushing class atm is the Wizard, by a really good margin. It's not the crusader though, the crusader can't GROUP well on top of that.

    You need better gear/or a better set altogether for your necro, that's it. (Icy-veins . com is your friend, but you need to think about it yourself. I followed a blood spec necro guide from Icy-veins some season not that long before, and I only pushed GR75)

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    There was really nowhere else to go. Highly repetitive low % rng gaming simply isn't fun if you aren't seeing "some" level of advancement as you play. And when paragon came out, it was nowhere near as quick to acquire as it is now (nor was gear even close to what it is now).
    If I had to redesign paragon levels I would have them increase the effect of items by a percentage. Granted that won't affect procs, but DPS and stat bonuses, yes.

    This way your items are still the most important. Sure a huge paragon level is better than a low one, but the goal of getting the best items would stay the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omedon View Post
    I have a question for those familiar with the “mid to late game” in D3: Let’s say the Paragon 800ish, “newly experimenting with full LoN builds” phase. I do not play seasonal, I'm talking about my overall somewhat casual non-seasonal game. I'm a longtime solo player and resently reset for the switch, where I do all my D3 now.

    Where would you say the real augment-fueled “push” begins? I blasted to GR 90 with an out of the box thornsader build, out of the box meaning one augment and mostly non-ancient, but complete set and BIS items. Now I’m focusing on my necromancer, using the highest recommended solo build on icy veins (“skelethorns”) and with 3/4 of my full ancient BIS gear augmented between 50-70 ranks of int, the mid 80 GRs are a real slog of timing out and seemingly low damage. Is this normal? I understand that thornsader is one of the god builds, but I’m having such a hard time overtaking my crusader’s GR record with my far-better-geared necromancer. If this is normal in a game not really beholden to tight class balance because no real mattering PVP, that’s fine, but does it all generally and eventually open up with paragon and augments and gem levels?

    (Also... I'm rather paranoid about the oft mentioned spear of Jairo bug, but even swapping out the spear/fang equip/cube combo for a fang/shadowhook experiment, I'm still timing out even worse, so I imagine the spear got fixed and, well... see above)
    Your question doesn't make sense. The "late game" is the part just before you defeat Malthael. The "end game" is when the credits roll and you go do something else.

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