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    I don't see much evidence to support this claim. Or rather, I'm sure someone loved it. Someone loves every terrible spec, or more often, claims they love it, and doesn't actually play it. But how many someones matters, and Survival was never a popular spec before it went melee. Even on the very rare occasions it wasn't subpar, it was less popular than other specs (I can think of one time it was briefly second most popular but generally its resolutely been third, and often a distant third). Further you claimed ranged Survival was petless, which has not generally been true.

    So "at least one person claimed to enjoy petless ranged Survival!" which is what your argument appears to be, is not a good or convincing argument for complicating balancing and interfering with other specs.

    You present no argument for old Combat at all I note. I presume you accept that there's nothing it had that Outlaw doesn't.

    I mean, if we're going to ask for rando shit back, what about old Retribution. I enjoyed Seal of Casino, why should we bring back ranged Survival but not that? Modern Ret is as different from Vanilla Ret as modern Marks is from Vanilla Survival.
    I've seen plenty of now-buried threads with players crying for a return of ranged Survival. Can you do me a favor, please, and show me the evidence that proves current Survival is any more popular than ranged Survival? Genuinely curious. Do BM and MM still not run the show, by comparison? I feel like this particular argument against mine is not a valid one, either. But, please, prove me wrong.

    Also, I never said a "pet-less, dot-based ranged survival" existed. I said there's potential to recreate an XYZ type of hunter. When I said "again?" I was simply referring to recreating the spec, period. Perhaps I could've worded the sentence differently, but I think you read too much into it.

    I'm not hung up on old Combat, or any other spec or specific play-style, because the purpose of this thread was to introduce the idea of bringing old specs back. The reason I got into detail on Survival is because it's one I'm most familiar with. Again, reading too much into it.

    And sure, if there's an alternate, fun, and even viable option for Ret, why not bring it back too? I didn't play back then, so I have no idea what you're referring to. Creating a fourth spec doesn't have to be the only option, it's simple an idea I presenting among many in this thread. They could change play-styles within a single spec via talents or a different talent system the way we see it being done in other popular games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrKnubbles View Post
    Right? Is that too much to ask? I've never been on board with Fury wielding two two-handers. Arms was the slow, heavy, two-hander spec while Fury was the fast, dual-wielding, one-hander spec.
    Even two-handed (just one, not two) fury warriors existed.

    But some people will still say that old talent system doesn't provide any options anyway..lel

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