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    Quote Originally Posted by bungeebungee View Post
    I did! My eyes went right from the survey to the line listing the various organs. I am have not brain. I am ashame.

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    Liver pate is nice. Lots of Iron.

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    Pork livers, pork/cow hearts, and various chicken and duck innards.
    Oh, and pork intestines for sausages, and whatever else they put in those

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    I eat pates, like kidney, brain etc but I wouldn't stomach eating an actual heart or smt.

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    Only whatever is in liverwurst.

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    Not that I'm aware of. I've tried cow liver, it was just as gross as regular cow, but with a slightly weirder texture. Though the only meats I eat are turkey, chicken, and some types of fish. Pork is hell on my gut, and I don't like the taste of beef. I don't think I'd like any organ meat due to the weird texture. Connective tissue and fatty tissue are just plain gross for me to chew, though the former is definitely more off-putting than the latter.

    The most unusual thing I have tried is shark, but I was about 6 or 7 years old at the time and the only thing I remember from it is cutting my mouth on some cartilage with the first bite (my relatives decided to butcher the shark themselves, despite not knowing how to remove all of the cartilage).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Jensen View Post
    Liver goes well with fava beans and a nice chianti.
    I see what you did there.

    OT, liver is awesome, especially duck's. If it has been properly fattened, it can be worked into a paste after frying without additives; it also has a softer and somewhat sweeter taste than, say, pig's liver. Chicken liver is nice fried either with onions or in breadcrumbs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunseeker View Post
    Usually only chicken or turkey guts around the appropriate season.
    This is the same for me. My mom and I both really love turkey hearts especially.
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    I use pretty much everything from hunting. I always save the livers, kidneys, hearts, tounges, sweetbreads and spleens from the gutpile. Typically I dry or smoke them, then process them in a liverwurst or other cured sausage.

    Pate from the smoked liver of a boar is the best. Especially if it's a late season boar that has been feasting on acorns and mushrooms.

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    If mom puts something on the plate, you eat it.

    Liver is good. Slice it and sauté with butter and sage
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    I'm a big fan of liver and onions, in gravy with carrots and mash. I'll have a steak and kidney pie (or pudding) if they're available but usually you just get steak these days. Didn't like heart much, the taste was okay but the texture was really tough (it might be the way I prepared it.)

    I remember an episdoe of Hell's Kitchen (American version) where the team who lost a challenge was given some menial task involving offal then for lunch they were served various cooked organs, and these people who were supposed to be professional chefs were retching and dry-heaving at the thought of eating them.

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    Liver foods are good. Especially liver casserole, paste and patties.

    Also not sure if accepted for this, but I also love blood pancakes.

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    Steak and Kidney pie m8, also technically every processed slice of meat you've ever eaten is going to contain recycled offal and guts. Stuff thats perfectly fine to eat and as delicious as muscle but in the west we have a huge faux pah idea about it so it would otherwise lead to massive amounts of organist waste if it wasn't reprocesed into shapes you can't notice. The old "you wouldn't eat a chikcen foot, but love chicken nuggets" chestnut. Anyone in this thread who says no and isn't vegetarian is lying and don't know it. Neckbeard rambling about this weeaboo trash

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuntantee View Post
    I gave the wiki link. It's basically intestines, but of which animal, I am not quite sure. Since it's rather small in diameter, I am guessing Lamb or something. Anyway, actually, kokorec is highly seasoned intestines roasted with charcoal. Then served inside bread, like a sandwich.

    Here is a traditional Kokorec image:

    People sometimes mix it with onion, tomato, whatnot to boost the flavor but I like the traditional one better.

    It is often, but not always, consumed at the end of night when you are done with drinking.
    Thanks. Looks like it would be very spicy! Is it tough? I think I would try it however.

    And there was no link for myself with your post. Might have to do with my security settings in my Firefox browser.
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    For me it all depends on how it is cooked. I like liver cooked and prepared to eat as taco meat.

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    No one I know is daring enough to try it, so no.

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    Kokorec or one of the other regional versions has been on my "I'd like to try that" list for a very long time.
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    Nope, not a big meat eater in general. We can clearly see that we have not been omnivores for very long from the ick factor we all have with weird parts of dead animals. A cat will not think twice about eating a little raw lung but I think I would rather die......

    Having said that, on occasion, chicken liver with crispy bacon and capers is really yummy but I do need to have a craving for it.

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    I grew up eating liver and kidney, as that what was put on my plate and I was expected to eat as a child. Haven't had either since I moved out of home.
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    I didn't see an option for "I'll eat whatever, as long as it tastes good!"

    I'll eat whatever, as long as it tastes good! I've some food made from coagulated blood that's pretty tasty, but most people just thinking about that might get turned off.
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