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  • I like 'em

    24 21.82%
  • like some but not others

    46 41.82%
  • it depends on the animal

    5 4.55%
  • I just avoid them all

    25 22.73%
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    Quote Originally Posted by exochaft
    I didn't see an option for "I'll eat whatever, as long as it tastes good!"
    That's option #1. "Tastes good" = I like it. Scope of the poll is organ meats and a lot of whatever would fall outside the poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katie N
    Wtf? No weapons? xD What is this? Restricted training environment?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bungeebungee View Post

    Kokorec or one of the other regional versions has been on my "I'd like to try that" list for a very long time.
    Yep, give it a try. Especially after alcohol, it tastes so good. Make sure you eat it from a proper place. Not every kokorec maker on the street is supposed to be good.

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    I'll try pretty much anything, but I have some issues with textures when it comes to food.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bungeebungee View Post
    No, not those organs! The pipes and bellows are too much for me at least.

    No, not those organs either! <because you know the oral sex jokes were inbound>

    I mean things like fried chicken gizzards, steak and kidney pie, menudo, or even fried liver. As often as fried liver gets poorly prepared in cafeterias it can be good when done right.

    It has been into the 90s here and I'm thinking about going out for skewers of grilled stuff. Chicken gizzards, chicken hearts, and sheep kidneys are always among my favorites. When things are colder, I often enjoy a plate of black and white tripe, seasoned with spicy oil. When it comes to hot pot, I'm fond of anything. If it is a long night of KTV and booze, I'll happily snack on things like duck intestine in spicy oil.

    So, how do you guys feel about organ meats? Like 'em, like some but perhaps not others (I know many find liver too dry), it depends on the animal (chicken parts seem more popular than pig parts from what I see), or do you just avoid them all?
    Hearts and livers, those are the only ones.
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    Apart from sausage casings: no, I don't care for it.

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    In my country (Saudi Arabia), when there is a feast, the honored guest must eat the tongue of the sheep. It's funny seeing them chewing it in.

    Sheep Liver is really tasty for me, I tend to eat it a lot. That's the only thing I like.

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    There's a medical reason I can't, otherwise I would give them a shot.
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    Never was a fan of liver. Chicken hearts though are amazing. Prepped right, I eat them like popcorn. Chicharrones is also an amazing chew snack as well.
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    I enjoy the taste of Liver paté, have since a kid

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    In the past, happy to eat the organs, but now, with the high purine volume which might triggered the gout easily, I seldom eat them now.

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