<Lich Corp> | Horde | PvP Server | Semi-Hardcore + PVP

Here are the basics... Lich Corp is a newly formed WoW Classic guild focused on building a mature, fair and fun environment. Our goal is to be a Semi-Hardcore Raid Progression guild focused on clearing content efficiently and fostering a helpful community for both new and returning players. The grind from character creation to your first KelThuzad kill will inevitably be a ceaseless slog, but we are inspired to build a wholesome WoW experience with like-minded players. We envision a tight-knit community, all having a sense of adult humor and respect.

What makes us unique? It is 2019. Over the course of the last 15 years, new tools emerged allowing guilds to be more transparent, structured, and organized than ever before. Our unique Multi-Factor Loot System - based on a mix of (i) EPGP Values, (ii) Loot Preference Rankings, and (iii) Rotating Loot Council - is designed to offer the most equitable loot distribution for our players. In addition, Raiders will be incentivized to participate in PVP Campaigns and Casual Festivities, which will diversify the game experience and benefit the guild. Lastly, we are aiming to optimize the WoW Classic experience by launching on a medium to high population server with No Major Streamer Presence.

Raiders inspire the guild, but come with higher expectations.
We are playing to win - we are beginning with an active search for Raid Leaders and Core Raiders to fill our ranks. Expect to have +80% attendance, be prepared with consumables, and understand raid mechanics. Lich Corp philosophy allows anyone with dedication and management skills to be promoted to leadership positions, strengthening the backbone of our guild.

Raid Times 6:30-9:30pm PST on Thursday / Friday

Reach out and let us have a conversation - DM me to learn more!